Holiday Plans

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Holiday Plans is necessary when holiday time is coming, everyone’s prepare to go vacation. They want to refresh their mind and restart it by take a long trip to the other place like Bali, Jogja, or even to the other country like Singapore or Malaysia.

If you have a holiday plan in your mind, don’t keep it too long, tell your family or your friends and prepare from now on. You should prepare as well as you can before you realize your holiday plans. It’s very important, because if you don’t prepare your holiday plan, you maybe will ruin it when the time is coming.

So, the most important thing before you are going to vacation is destination. Yeah holiday plans is a must…you have to decide, where to go to or where the best place to refresh your mind from school, college, or work.

For trip destination, if you confuse to choose where to go, you can ask to the travel tour or browsing in the internet where the best place to stay there and enjoy the air or the beach.

Holiday Plans

Holiday Plans

I want to recommend some places for you to holiday, if you don’t want to go too far, you can choose Bandung to stay, there’s so many village or hotel in Dago Pakar with beautiful view from the window. If you want to enjoy and play at the beach, let’s go to the Karimun Java Island.

In there, you will see nature scenery with the clear beach. After you decided where to go to holiday, you have to prepare your holiday plans such as make an itinerary, so you can arrange the activity while you there.

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Second, after you decided the destination and make itinerary. Now, you have to saving the money. Make sure that you have enough money to realize your holiday. You should make budget for everything start with breakfast budget, lunch budget, dinner budget until every little thing.

Don’t pick the expensive hotel if you can’t afford it, pick the usual hotel. That’s all depend on your finance, but for me, if I have so much money too, I don’t want to pick hotel with the outstanding cost, I will pick the usual one, and eat food with the normal price, so I can use the money for shopping.

Think about the accommodation. If you take your own car or take tour travel, well that’s okay. But if you want to go abroad and need plane/train to go there, well book the ticket from now before it’s too late or too expensive. When you arrive at your destination place, you can rent the car or motorcycle to take a trip.

Beside, book the plane or train ticket, you should book the room in the hotel for stay in a long day ago, before it fully-booked or the price is getting expensive.

Prepare the passport, visa, and plane ticket if you go abroad. Don’t forget about every important document! Or, if you haven’t make passport or visa, you should arrange it from now, because make passport or visa needs a long time. Then, before you pack your thing, do not bring too much clothes or things.

Just bring the important thing like bath aid, underwear, and enough clothes. I’m sure, in your holiday place you must be shopping everywhere and go home with a lot of souvenir. So, don’t make your bag full with your own things, spare some space for the souvenir.

This is just a tip, if you want to take tour travel, choose the tour travel which is good and have a best quality. So, you won’t disappoint in there. Have you prepare your Holiday Plans …. Happy holiday!

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