How to be a Military Pilot

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Do you want to be a Military Pilot? If so read this article carefully 🙂 Military, maybe when we heard about the name, in our mind military is a rigid and hard world with full of inhuman people who always follow their lead’s command.

But, did you know the steps to be a member of the military is not that easy. A good intelligence and a strong physic is an absolute requirement to be a military.

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Military divided into three parts, there are army, navy, and air force. And now I want to discuss about the air force. Why it has to be air force? Because the information about the air force has not been exposed and known by the people of Indonesia, and that’s the reason why some people in Indonesia do not quite understand about the knowledge of the aerospace.

3 Aspects of the Appraisal to be a Military Pilot

Air force is related to the airplane. And the airplane is ridden by the pilot. Being a military pilot is not as easy as we imagined. Every pilot has to be strong physically and mentally. Before they enter the military academy, they have to pass any kind of test and be an air force cadet. After that, their personality, academics and mental of the cadet will be assessed during their education in military academy.

After the 3 aspects of the appraisal are fulfilled, then every cadet in final level got their right to join the flight school for the prospective pilot. Their physic, mental, and health will be trained in there. Everyday, they have to exercise continuously to get a maximal result. From the dawn until midnight all they do is exercise and learning.

The very first thing if they want to be a pilot is they have to be healthy. They are not allowed to smoke, have the eye defects, and others. Their healthy will be checked every 6 months in air force hospital. And then, they have to pass the academic potential test. Most of the candidate of the air force cadet is fail in this test. That is happen because they cannot concentrate and they don’t have the intelligence to pass the test.

After they pass the academic potential test, they will face the mental ideology test. Mental ideology test is about the knowledge of the aerospace and nationality. They will do three of that test continuously until they get bored. The last test is a flight tests, their ability to ride the airplane will be tested by the trainer.

Every fail candidate at those four tests cannot join the flight corps, they have to be ready to cross into the other corps. There are technique corps, electronic corps, specials corps, supplies corps, and police military corps. But, even they cannot join the flight corps, the other corps is not bad, because every corps in the air force are important.

Prepare yourself from now if you want to be a military pilot. Don’t smoke, exercise, and learning everyday because every military pilot has to be smarter than everybody else. Hopefully, this article could be a reference to anyone who read this and want to be a military pilot.

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