How to fix Google Toolbar on Firefox 5

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I just want to inform you an important information how to fix google toolbar on firefox 5.  We know Firefox 5 release few days ago and some of blogger like me feel lost one of good tool / parameter named google toolbar.

If you upgraded your firefox to 5 version, you will get nothing with google toolbar. Of course you couldn’t check the Pagerank tool because google toolbar doesn’t work anymore.

Firefox 5 killed your google toolbar ? No it is not !

It seems that Google is asleep and hasn’t updated the Google Toolbar for Firefox 5.0 yet. That’s why your google toolbar gone after upgrading to Firefox 5.

Just follow the steps bellow for fixing my google tollbar on Firefox 5.

To fix this ,just open the install.rdf file with notepad and then you need to change the maxVersion from 4.0.* to 6.* (see the below image)

How to fix Google Toolbar on Firefox 5

How to fix Google Toolbar on Firefox 5

Now, in order to find the correct install.rdf file do the following:

Go to folder : C:\Users[your user name here]\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles[sometext].default and search for the install.rdf file (i’m using windows 7)

Windows search will find many install.rdf files (one for each addon you have installed on firefox) so make sure that you find the install.rdf that has the line

Google Toolbar for Firefox (see above picture)

in it. For this install.rdf file just rename the max version as stated above , restart Firefox and your Google toolbar is back!

Maybe this article about How to fix Google Toolbar on Firefox 5 is not clear enough for you, it would not be problem for me because of English is not my mother language lol 🙂

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4 comments on “How to fix Google Toolbar on Firefox 5

  1. Paula says:

    How can I trust directions that are in broken English? It makes me think the site may not even be safe!!

  2. Elaine says:

    Any suggestions for Mac OS X 10.6.8?

  3. jacob says:

    I have just upgraded to Firefox 20.0.1 and have retained Google toolbar through all the upgrades since Firefox 5 using this method. I still have the toolbar working just fine.
    Thanks, Jacob.