5 Tips to Make A Good Screenplay

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How to Make A Good Screenplay: Make a script for drama, film, or comedy should be interesting, it should have a complicated plot twist and unexpected ending in order to make the play loved by the people who’ve watched it.

But to make a good story so it could be lead to be a good screenplay isn’t as easy as everyone think. It takes times to re-write the script over and over again.

Make a script is not like make a report, after you wrote it then your task is finish. After you finish your script, you should re-read it again, check it if there anything that you should correct whether it’s about the dialog or the background.

How to Make A Good Screenplay

How to Make A Good Screenplay5 Steps to make a good screenplay:

For the very first step, you should make characters for the story. Decide who will be the main role and extras. Make every character as interesting as you can.

Especially for the main role, make him/her’s character special than any other roles. Because main role is such a center attract for the audience to pay their attention to the story.

After you made characters for your story, then you should make a conflict or it called climax in your story line. Build a conflict means placed the characters in a complicated situation. Where the main role faced to solve his/her big problem while everything’s going to be so hard.

The audience loves the play with the most complicated conflict that may lead into unexpected ending. Because it will attract their attention to keep curious and curious to the ending of the play.

Pay attention to your storyline or plot because it has to be structured. Begin with the opening or introduction of every character, then the climax, the anti-climax, problem solves, and the closing.

You should consider about the unsure of the story, notice the little things inside of the story. Don’t make your story line out of its way. Keep it structured.

After you made the characters, the plot, the conflict, and background, now it’s time to develop the dialog between the characters and make such an action for it relevant to the background.

It means if there’s no dialog between the characters, maybe you should put up the physical movement between them. Because beside of the dialog, physical movement could deliver the message of the scene.

Example, if the story is about romance, maybe the physical movement could be the man and woman who stares each other then they’re holding hands, it means both of them are in love.

The last thing to do is, after you finish your script, you need to re-read your script again, edit it then revision it if there anything to be corrected.

You can ask other people to read your script then give the opinion about it, maybe if you’re too ashame to show it to the other people, you can ask the opinion from your parents or your closest friends.

The constructive opinions will make your script better. Notice every dialog and scene that you have written correctly, because the part with full of revision usually located in the dialog. So, watch every single word that you gave to the roles.

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