How to Manage Your Finance?

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We as a hedonism human has to learn about how to manage our financial. Even for the adults, some of them still don’t have enough ability to manage their own money, so that’s why there are so many people is extravagant and waste their money to buy some unimportant things.

For the example, you can observe to a woman, every time they see a big sale board in front of department store, without thinking any longer, they go straight to the store and buy some ‘discount’ stuff without realize if that stuff is useful or not.

So, I think woman has to learn more about how to manage their financial than man. But, this isn’t means my posting this time is special for the woman who’d like to shop, but the man also needs to learn about it.

So, Readers if you think that you need to know more about how to manage your financial, well let’s check this posting out…

How to Manage Your Finance?

How to Manage Your FinanceFor the very first step, you should make a list. Write down your needs for a month like telephone bills, pay for the gasoline, delivery service, and others.

So you will know about your total outcome for a month, and you know how much money that you have to earn to fulfill your needs based on your list. There’s one more important thing that you should notice before you write down your list, you should put the main needs in the top of the list, then sort it from your primer need to the secondary needs.

Save 10% from your income in a month. Hold your desire to buy new dress, new stuff for your car, new game, and other unimportant things. Saving 10% from your money in order to fill unexpected needs in the future is important.

Because if you don’t have savings, there are too much risk that you will handle if there any unexpected thing comes like you should pay for the car accident and others.

Make a budget or financial planning. You should make a budget because it will make you easy to manage your personal financial. If there’s no budget for your daily needs, well you can’t imagine your total outcome in a month, and what percentage that you should take for the saving. So, make a budget for now to limit your desire.

Well, don’t use your credit card out of the limit if you cannot afford it. Think wisely first before you buy anything, because if your credit card bills is bloated, you have no idea how to pay it unless you open the garage sale and selling all of your stuff like in Confession of a Shopaholic movie.

So, use the credit card just for the important needs, and think if you can afford it or not. If you want to shop, try to pay with cash. Use the credit card for urgent only.

If you cannot save your money, you can invest it into something. So, you won’t take your money whenever you want. I think invest the money is the best way to earn your savings. Well, now you know how to manage your finances. Let’s start the first step as sooner as possible.

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