Huaxin 1.8 Offset VSAT Antenna On Site Test Pictures

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Remember Type approval process of Mobi 1.8 Meter C Band offset VSAT Antenna ? Yeah..this Huaxin also using same method for type approval process.

The latest Type Approval Projects from PT. Multinet Telemedia is about Huaxin 1.8 offset VSAT Antenna. The testing process of this project has been took on site test method and now the type approval certificate has been issued with the date of issue December 7th 2009.

One of certificate holder is PT.Multinet Telemedia. I don’t want to inform you more detail about this product because you could find more detail information about Huaxin 1.8 offset VSAT antenna on their website.

But if you interested to buy this Huaxin 1.8 offser VSAT antenna you could contact PT.Multinet Telemedia or contact me is Ok. I will direct you to person who is in-charge in PT.Multinet Telemedia.

Huaxin 1.8 Offset VSAT Antenna

Situation On site test are bellow

Huaxin 1.8 offset VSAT AntennaOn Site Test VSAT 1.8 HuaxinOn site Test VSAT Antenna Huaxin 1.8VSAT Antenna Huaxin

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