Human Right in Indonesia

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Human right in Indonesia. Still related to my last article about The History of Human Right Development, Indonesia has the concept of human right in the constitution (UUD 1945) even our constitution was born before the Universal Declaration of Human Right which was born in December 1948.

The human right concept on the face is the conception of human right which fits with Indonesian culture and the explanation about the detail listed in every rules. The rules about the human right were made democratically and it keeps developing depends on the situation and condition of Indonesian people. So, the rule about human right in Indonesia is not rigid and stagnant, it would keeps developing depends on the change of era.
Human Right in Indonesia
Human right is a basic right that naturally sticks in every person in this world. That must be protected, respected, defended, and cannot be abandoned, diminished, or even stolen by anyone. Beside have the human right as their basic right since they’re born, the people also have some right obligations between each other and to the society.

It means that the people have to treat other people appropriately accordance with the provisions of human right constitution. So, the people have to respect about the other people’s right, not only theirs.

In the constitution, the rules about that determined by guided to the human right declaration made by United Nation. In Law no. 39 of 1999 which governing about the general provision of human right, it mentioned that the meaning of human right is a set of right that sticks to the nature and existence of human as a God’s creature and the right is a gift from God which have to be respected, upheld, and protected by the state, law, government, and every other people for the honor and also protection of human dignity.

Along with the development of comprehension, realization, and consideration about the human right, the formulation of human right in the constitution need to be enhanced. The implementation is the intercalation of the human right formulation into the constitution (UUD 1945) in separate chapter, it’s Chapter XA about the Human Right. In that chapter, there are ten subsections about Indonesian Human Right as stated in subsection 28A until subsection 28J in the constitution (UUD 1945).

Human Right in Indonesia

The human right materials in the constitution considered very complete and refine the rules before, because the rules are contains quite a lot of aspects, interalia:
1. ————— related to the life and living.
2. ————— related to the kinship.
3. ————— related to the self development.
4. ————— related to the occupation.
5. ————— related to the law protection and equality in law.
6. ————— related to the freedom of religion and convinced of belief.
7. ————— related to the communication and information.
8. ————— related to the sense of security and protection from the bully.
9. ————— related to the social welfare.
10. ————– related to the equality and justice.

So, the rules about the Human Right in Indonesia is pretty clear, Indonesia is very respect to the every right of human so that’s why Indonesia choose Pancasila Democracy as Indonesia government system.

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