Identify The Anorexic Sufferer

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Identify The Anorexic Sufferer

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Still related to my last article ‘Food Combining’ which is said at the first paragraph that so many women have obsession to be skinny, so they’re dying to realize it through inappropriate way like wrong diet. That kind of wrong diet will lead to anorexic.

In America, there’s so many girls suffer this kind of disorder, because they’re in under pressure of skinny girls around in school or television. So, they forced themselves to be as skinny as them through illegal way that actually leads to the disorder.

Beside intimidate by skinny girls around them, the girl who suffered anorexic actually is a victim of sexual or verbal harassment.

Identify The Anorexic Sufferer

The anorexia sufferer is afraid of being fat, they have an obsession to keep skinny, and try harder to lose their weight even they’ve already slimmed. They believe that their body is still fat even the fact is not. The people with anorexic let themselves to hunger, avoiding the food with high calorie, and do the exercise routinely, so that’s why they lost so many weights. The effects of being anorexic are so many.

First, anorexia can trigger worst nutrition which is can cause healthy disorder like rickets. Rickets is a disorder that affects our bones which is caused by the lack of vitamin D. Anorexic can also trigger hair loss, tooth decay, and digestive problems. Other effects are including brain damage or even the inherited of fertility rate.

The characteristic of anorexic sufferers are, they pay their attention to the performance perfectly, they grew up in perfection family that always demand on achievement, they feel intimidated by perfect girl or they urge to be just like their idol. Usually, anorexic sufferer declined to eat and too afraid if their weight is gaining, or even after they eat something, they throwing up to throw the food away from their body, I’m sure it’s called bulimic.

To cure the anorexic sufferer is kind of hard, because the patient themselves certain that they are not sick or even wrong to get their body dreams. So I think the family role is very important to give them suggestion. If the family’s suggestion is not work for change their habit and the anorexic sufferer is getting acute, better if take them to the hospital and get the treatment.

The treatment is about change their eat routine and also give them some vitamin for their nutrition. They have to consult with the doctor over a year. Some of the anorexic sufferer feel helped by consult to the doctor and the doctor give them recipe.

The most important thing for the family and friends if their beloved become anorexia sufferer is giving them helps by loving them, don’t let them to bordered their eating pattern, make them sure that there are so many healthy ways to get skinny so they shouldn’t hurt themselves.

Help them to control their emotion, so they can’t get stress easily. Give them vitamin and nutrition to return the loss of nutrition. Support and love is an effective cure for the anorexia sufferer.

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