Indonesia and Corruption

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Indonesia and Corruption in our article Today. The term corruption is not a stranger to our ears to hear. Almost everyone from all walks of life to know, including small children and elderly people.

Despite their different understanding of each other, but when they hear the word “someone has corruption” that means the person has committed a crime related to money or other property types.

Indonesia and Corruption

Indonesia and Corruption: MALU DONG !

The phenomenon of corruption as if the things that must be raised and reported by any media, be it print, electronic and internet.

Perhaps the phenomenon of corruption in the world will not be crowded discussed when several years ago the World Bank does not rank the countries success in the field of government, which includes assessment of the levels of corruption, defense and security stability, rule of law, and the identification of the richest people in world (Daniel Kauffman et al., 2003: 34).

In 1995, Transparency International ranked Indonesia as the most corrupt country in the world with a score of 1.94. His performance improved in 1996 and 1997.

The latest data released in 2000 IT is also still puts Indonesia as the most corrupt country in Azerbaijan, Ukraine, Yugoslavia, and Nigeria with indices worse than in 1995, ie 1.7 (Budiman Tanuredjo, 2001: 88-89).

Indonesia and Corruption

In Indonesia, corruption began to be heard in 1998an when Soeharto stepped down from the presidency. Eddy Tansil the case of two billion embezzled money was first uncovered cases that can make the whole Indonesian people condemn it, but then just disappear without a clear resolution.

The liquidation of conventional banks also stems from corruption. And a number of corruption cases that keep popping up, so at the beginning of President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono is considered necessary to establish an institution in charge of combating corruption (Corruption, Collusion and Nepotism) in Indonesia, the Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK), which is chaired by Antasari Azhar, a former Attorney General.

At the beginning of the formation, the Commission showing the performance good enough performance. Evidently so many criminals in this country has been successfully imprisoned.

It is precisely at the beginning of the second SBY administration, the Commission tainted by the top brass with criminal corruption that led to the “conflict” between the law enforcement agencies.

Although still in the process of investigation and inquiry, at least the public trust will wither on the Commission, the police, prosecutors, and everything to do with law enforcement in Indonesia, although Yudhoyono formed Team 8 suggests problems for the country.

Any efforts made to rehabilitate the condition of the social structure of society should not be mixed with other crimes that could frustrate the original purpose. Moreover, the problem of corruption that seems to have been embedded into a culture of Indonesia.

Such cultures can be eliminated gradually by ishlah themselves with implementing the teachings in the Koran as well as possible.

Because none of the problems in this world that can be solved perfectly except if each individual man has to be willing to transfer ghirah sciences in the Qur’an on the application of life. Including corruption, which has become a crucial issue in Indonesia.

In terminology, the word corruption comes from the corrupt English, which means evil, bad, bribe, corrupt, change.

“Corruption” is an Indonesian uptake of the verbal noun (a noun from a verb invented / B. Arabic: mashdar) corruption, which means some form of fraud or bribery act. The culprit is called corruptor (the bribe).

In Arabic, the technical term risywah (bribes), the provision that a person given to judges, officials and others to win his case in a way that is not justified or to get tenure (Sayyid Sabiq, 405-406). In summary, the act of bribery is corruption even in the sense of a troubled conducted only against the government.

However, such actions above the origin of the term corruption. At present, corruption distorts the meaning of the word which is very much where all kinds of corruption, whether it relates to money or assets, abuse of power, fraud, taking the property of another by force, bribery level ground up with the intention of obtaining the position or to win in some cases, bribery, level up and down with the intention of covering up the crime, and others that occur either within the organization or government agency, a private, independent, even from one individual to another individual who is not tied to any organization or agency.

Bribery (corruption) that the Arabic language is a problem risywah Muslims today. Nearly all government agencies, private sector employment and education found a bribe. This occurs due to the difficulty in getting the right agency.

Example: Indonesia and Corruption

As experienced Andi when they want to make a passport to go to Egypt to continue his studies. Andi offered a statement if paying so much, your passport will be ready tomorrow. Andi as a young man who refused to obey the regulations bribery, he was willing to wait a week later.

When a week had passed, Andi came to ask about His passport, but the answer he received head of the passport has not been signed, so Andy had to return the next day. The next day Andy came to the agency and received only a mere reasons, so a week before his departure for Egypt passport was not finished, Andi finally chose to pay bribes in order to quickly finish his business.

The similar example: Indonesia and Corruption

Similarly, in the process of SIM (driving license) that if participants do not cover the exam with the “greetings paste”, you can bet he will not pass and have to repeat the test. Even remedial graduation and even then is not guaranteed. Similarly, when a KTP or other papers laden with intricacies of bureaucracy.

It is a reality that is always in the face of Muslims, even for matters relating to education and religion are also problems like this.

Problems of corruption (bribery) have mushroomed in different countries, so it is no longer a taboo for the world community. This happens due to various reasons, there is a deal to do it because I was lazy and waited too long, and some are being forced to do it, if not then the old newly acquired rights.

Corruption is zholim work will always find people of affair smallest to the largest. Problems will continue to spread and become long because people who give bribes are easy to get right, so each want to get right on a intansi will do the same.

So also those who accept bribes will feel enjoy, in addition to getting a fixed salary and no more work, just speed things up. If reality continues to run the law just stayed as a ‘display’ only. Every government in the country know about it, but only as a warning temporal regulation when the criticism has been running.

Again zholim job will continue flourishing in life, turned into a culture of ‘dirty’ always present in any community affair done. That finally later that culture is no longer done clandestinely even blatant.

Various attempts were made to eliminate the culture of corruption. But what’s a killer corruption efforts if corruption did his job. What is the use of law enforcement officials who should be role models and firm in every crime, it makes disgrace to corruption while on duty.

It is very ironic, when people are exposed to non-ticketed vehicles after they bribe the police with money that only ten or twenty thousand dollars.

In fact, the police should have been a public figure disciplined, assertive, honest, brave, and trustworthy, so that it can protect the people with the best ease-not in the context of the bureaucracy as a free case last speeding ticket. We hope this is out last article which is publishing about Indonesia and corruption 🙂

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