Interfaith Marriage in Indonesia

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Interfaith Marriage in IndonesiaInterfaith Marriage in Indonesia. There are so many cases about marriage between the man and woman who has different religion.

The case is not only happen because of Indonesia has so many ethnicities and also the existence of 6 legal religions which cause the diversities in this country.

But, it also came from the globalization, so it makes the Indonesian people easily connect with the foreign people in other country such as west country. That thing will increase the possibilities of interfaith marriage which is still being a controversial thing in this country.

Interfaith Marriage in Indonesia

According to Islam, marriage is one of the worship. In this country that consists of wide range of diversities, it must be very hard to prevent the socialization to the people with the different religion.

Meanwhile, Indonesian people have to socialize with other people without discriminate the races, religions, or ethnics. So, that’s why the interaction between man and woman who has different religion cannot be prevented, then the relationship between them could lead into marriage.

The interfaith marriage causes a distraction of Islam’s values which is more dynamic in these recent days than in antiquity. A moslem nowadays can act braver to choose their own couple whether the couple is also moslem or non-moslem.

This thing attracts so many controversial in society, because the interfaith marriage between two people considered as a blame of Islam values.

So there are so many arguments arise rationally or logically about this interfaith marriage that came from interpretation of Al-Quran and also the constitution in Indonesia.

Generally, there are two kind of interfaith marriage in Islam. The first one is the marriage between moslem man and non-moslem woman. The second one is the marriage between non-moslem man and moslem woman.

In Islam, according to some of the theologians, the marriage between moslem man and non-moslem woman who is scribe is allow. This decision based on the Surat Al-Maida Verse 5.

But, there are some of the theologians straightly said that the marriage between moslem man and non-moslem woman is forbidden. The decision based on Al-Quran Surat Al-Baqarah Verse 221.

So, according to the consensus of the theologians, the marriage between moslem man and non-moslem woman still forbidden whatever the reason is, because it feared that could be a scandal because of it.

The statement of marriage between moslem women and non-moslem man still forbidden. The statement based on the Al-Quran Surat Al-Maida Verse 5 which is said that Allah only allows the marriage between moslem man and non-moslem woman, not vice versa.

Because it feared that the woman couldn’t hold into her religion values if her husband ask something that very contradict with Islam’s values or the bad temptation might come from the husband’s family.

So it’s very clear that Islam never allows the interfaith  marriage, but the practice in Indonesia, there are still some moslem people do the interfaith married, because the rule of law about it isn’t very obvious enough.

According to the master of civil law in University of Indonesia, Prof. Wahyono Darmabatra, there are 4 ways that people can get through if they want to do the interfaith marriage, the first one is they can request a court warrant, then the wedding held according to each religions, subjugation in one religion’s rule for a while, and get married in another country.

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