Intermec SF51 Barcode Scanner

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The Type Approval Certificate of Intermec SF51 Barcode Scanner has been issued by Authority. Date of issuance is in January 11th 2010. It would be the second project from Intermec Technologies for type approval project using our services.

Intermec SF51 Barcode Scanner Introduction

Intermec SF51 barcode sanner Intermec’s SF51 scanner incorporates a unique, light weight form factor with a magnetic attach/release mechanism to maximize productivity.

The unique patent pending design takes “hands free scanning” to a new level. Instead of mounting the scanner onto the user’s hands or fingers and thereby restricting use, the SF51 is designed to be worn on the waist, wrist, or chest. The attach/release mechanism can be used without looking at it.

This allows the user to quickly and easily access and release the scanner when it’s needed, and when done scanning, reattach the SF51 for un-inhibited use of their hands.

An extremely durable scanner with a wireless personal area network (PAN) radio based on Bluetooth™ communication protocol, the SF51 can cordlessly connect to Intermec terminals without a base station, delivering an affordable, high performance solution for scan intensive applications.

The SF51 utilizes the Intermec EV10, an innovative linear scan engine with new APS CMOS technology. It delivers unparalleled flexibility by combining high density, PDF417 and standard range bar code reading in one scan engine. The solid state scan engine delivers a snappy 200 scans per second, easily reading poor quality and damaged bar codes from up to 50 cm (19.7 inches) away.

Intermec’s SF51 cordless scanner is designed for applications that require complete mobility and hands free scanning in transportation, logistics, warehousing and manufacturing environments.

Used alone or coupled with an Intermec terminal or vehicle mount computer the SF51 excels in scan intensive applications such as picking, inventory management, direct store delivery, and work-in-process.

Intermec SF51 User Guide PDF

Download (PDF, 1.72MB)

If you interested to obtain type approval certification for telecommunication equipment or IT product in Indonesia, don’t hesitate to contact me.

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