It’s Harlem Shake!

March 13, 2013 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

The world now mesmerized by the Harlem Shake crazy dance. In television, internet, radio, and all over the world, people talk about this kind of dance.

So, that’s why every people must know about this kind of phenomenon because it’s like every people in over the world did the Harlem Shake dance then they uploaded it to the in purpose. So, everyone could see the various themes or styles in the video when another people do the Harlem Shake.

It’s Harlem Shake!

It's Harlem Shake!

For the readers who have no idea about how this dance goes like. Well, this dance shows a person dance by his/her self in the beginning of the video, mostly they are using helmet, mask, or anything that could cover their face while they do the dance.

The unique thing in dance is, a person start to dance in a place full of people in their boredom time such as in the office, school, bus station, etc. In the first frame, only one person who dance crazily in a place with crowd people in it, then when the frame changes, all the people in that place dance with their own style.

At the beginning, this dance called Albee at Harlem, New York in 1981 because the man who started this dance named Al B. Al B is a drunker who will dance on request. Because of the founder, that’s why at the beginning this dance called Albee in Rucker and Harlem, but then it well known as Harlem Shake.

In its early appearances, He already famous in other city and became very popular in music video. In 2001, G. Dep showed Harlem Shake in his music video called Let’s Get It.

Al B said that this dance is a style of drunker when they shaking, fantastic shaking. The dance came from ancient Egypt describing the mummy when they have to dance with their body wrapped, they cannot dance but just shake their body.

Harlem Shake based on Ethiopian dance called Eskista. Al B did the Harlem Shake since 1981. On February 2013, Harlem Shake officially be popular in with Harlem Shake song made by DJ from New York named Baauer. He uploaded the song to the in May 10th 2012.


The first Harlem Shake video made by 5 guys from Queensland, Australia. The video viewed by 11,4 million people. In Indonesia there are about 400 this dance videos in and the videos in has reached about 67 thousands videos. He is as a single from Bauuer now become number one song in iTunes in America, second place in UK and also Australia.

After Gangnam Style exploded in all over the world, now this dance turns. By the way, there are some similar things between Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style.

The first one, either this dance and Gangnam Style used the name of district in each country. The second one, both of them became popular through

The last one, Harlem Shake and Gangnam Style have unique style of dancing.


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