iVolve Pty Ltd

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I would like to inform you that I “Dimulti” has been assisting iVolve Pty Ltd regarding to get type approval certificate for iVolve products, (NEXIS brand).
iVolve Pty Ltd
Did you know about Ivolve Pty Ltd ? Not yet..ok. Ivole Established in 1995, iVolve is an Australian owned company that develop and manufacture intelligent industrial wireless technologies tailored to the demanding requirements of industrial markets including mining, construction and transport.

iVolve Pty Ltd

iVolve’s technologies are currently used by a number of the world’s largest mining companies throughout Australia, New Zealand, USA, South America, and South Africa.

iVolve’s products utilise a range of wireless technologies to provide an open network platform incorporating features such as:

  1. Safety solutions
  2. Personnel and asset tracking
  3. An innovative VoIP connection
  4. Meshing technology to increase operational efficiencies in wireless networks.

With a focus on wireless networking for industrial applications, iVolve’s services include the design and provision of wireless infrastructure for the mining, construction, and transport industries.

iVolve’s flagship product suite, Nexis, designed for the industrial mining environment, is a powerful and secure wireless network with mesh capabilities, based on open standard technology.

Feel free visit their website if you want to know more about iVolve products at www.ivolve.com

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