3 Types of Lactase Deficiency: Lactose Intolerance

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Lactose Intolerance: Milk isn’t only for baby or children. But, for women in 20 years old, they need to consume milk too. Consume milk in order to save calcium, so when they are getting older, their bones will not weak or osteoporosis. Unfortunately, not all the women can consume milk, for the women who suffer Intolerance Lactase drink milk isn’t good but worst for them.

Intolerance Lactase is an individual condition of a person who cannot digest lactose. This condition happens in lactose deficiency body, it means the digestive enzymes who produced by small intestine to broke lactose into a simple form that will easily absorbed by body.

Lactase deficiency make lactose will not absorbed, so lactose will hoard in colon and fermented. The fermented process will produce gas that will make our stomach bloating and stomachache. Next, there’s no water absorbing from stool, so it will cause diarrhea.

Lactose intolerance is similar with milk allergic, but the factor is different. Milk allergic cause by the protein of the milk, but lactose intolerance is caused by the lactase enzyme.

lactose intolerance

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There are some way to check lactose intolerance like measure sugar level and pH in stool. The symptoms of lactose intolerance usually appear for about 30 minutes after you consume the product contains of lactose.

Intolerance lactose is not too dangerous but it such an annoying disease. If the patience cannot prevent lactose product and let the symptoms happens, it will distress them selves. If the symptom is diarrhea, because the nutrition is wasted, the patience will lose their weight and less nutrition.

Lactose Intolerance

There are 3 types of lactase deficiency. First, the genetic lactase deficiency, the disease is inherited. It is usually happen in a person with genitive homozygote recessive. Second, primer lactase deficiency, this condition happens because the lactase synthetic induction is decrease.

For example, because you are drink milk rarely, the body isn’t used to produce lactase. If you consume the product contain of lactose once, there will be lactose intolerance reaction. Third, secondary lactase deficiency, this condition is temporary, for example there’s infection in small intestine.

Lactose intolerance almost suffering all human, but the limit is different in every person. Intolerance lactose of European, obviously higher than Asian and African, because the European used to consume milk. For example, if A consume 3 glasses of milk then they feel cramp in their stomach, but if just one glass, the stomach will be alright, but B cannot drink half glass of milk.

The example shows the different of lactose intolerance level. And then, if the intolerance is getting worst, they have to consume less the product contain of lactose or even prevent it. Not only milk, it can be ice cream, yoghurt, cheese and etc.

If you are one of the patience who suffer lactose intolerance, don’t be sad and panic if you wondering that you might be lack of calcium because you don’t drink milk. You can get calcium from vegetables, anchovy, and other product that free of lactose. But if you really want to consume it, well you can but under control of the doctor.

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