7 Benefits of Walking: Let’s Take A Walk!

November 30, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

People in these days especially people in the development country such as Indonesia prefer to ride a motorbike or car to go to some places nearby than take a walk.


I don’t know exactly the reasons, but I think it’s because the technological advancement in this modern era such as transportation like motorbike. Mostly, Indonesian people do like to ride motorbike plus China has already made motorbike with good quality and affordable, so people in here can easily buy it or even credit it.

So, that’s why so many people just ride a motorbike to go to the near place, than take a walk.

It’s good if we want to see it from its positive effects, but I admit it, the motor bike also has the negative effect such as it makes the people lazier to walk even to the close destination place.

Let’s Take A Walk!

Let's Take A WalkYou know what, take a walk every 30 minutes/day can help to cure any of the diseases, inter alia:

  1. Prevent you from diabetic type 2. This diabetic preventing program shows that take a walk for 150 minutes/week could lose 7 percents of your weight or about 7kg. The most important thing is, it could decrease diabetic until 58 percents.
  2. In some researches, the mortality of retired man who walks less than 1 mil/day higher than man who walks 2 mil/day. So through walking, man could strengthen their heart.
  3. Strengthen woman’s heart. Walk 3 hours/week could increase the risk of heart attack or another heart diseases.
  4. Walk is good to our brain. For example, woman who walks for 1,5 hours/week has better function of her brain rather than woman who just walk for 40 minutes/week.
  5. If we take a walk for 30 minutes for 3-5 times a week, it will reduce the depression symptoms.
  6. Could increase our physical function. Research shows that walks can increase the body function and also protect body from degenerative diseases to the old people.
  7. Prevent osteoporosis, because through walk our bones will be more strength. Our body needs movement to prevent osteoporosis. For the people who still walks since their young age and consume enough calcium could be healthier and not threaten by osteoporosis until 70 years old.

So, I will give you tips that you can do in order to make your legs stronger if you want to take a long way to walk.

If you haven’t used to walk in your life, then you can start to walk gradually, don’t walk too fast when you’re in the beginning of walk because it would make your body tired so quickly, start it step by step.

Don’t forget to drink much mineral water contains of isotonic or electrolyt regularly when you’re walking in order to replace your body fluids.

Use your comfort sandals or shoes, try to not use high heels because it would make your foot sore and tired.

The last thing, if you feel so tired, then take a rest while massage your foot to relax the muscles.

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