Life with Technology

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Life with TechnologyLife with Technology: Nowadays, life becomes modern and advance. Proves by the advent of technologies that makes everything is so quick and simple.

There are so many advantages that we get by technological advance. But in every benefit that we get from technology, there’s must be disadvantages that we get too.

So, what’s the advantage and disadvantage from technology?

Is technology brings a huge of benefits or vice versa?

Life with Technology

When we use technology, everything is change. Everything is more simple and practical. We don’t have to send a letter to our friends in other city or other country, we just call them by phone or we can chat via Facebook or Skype.

We can shopping without go to the mall or store out there, we just search the online shop in the internet, and buy everything that we need. So does when we have to send our project to our office partner, we can just send the project by email. That’s very simple and helpful.

Internet helps us to connect with so many people through Facebook and Twitter. We can accidentally reunite with our old friends because of Facebook. Internet is like magic came true.

Everything is possible with technology.

There’s so many woman and girls out there that want to change their look by doing a plastic surgery. They want to make their lips like Angelina Jolie, make their eyes like Katie Holmes, and make their body become skinny like Blake Lively.

That’s not the impossible thing to do. With any help of the advanced technology and of course professional doctor, they can change their appearance become everything that they want even look like a Barbie!

By technology and internet, we can expand our horizon by click and search some information in Google. So that’s why there’s a home schooling and open university.

The student accept their homework via email, they do the homework and submit it via email too. They learn and study through internet. It’s pretty simple and efficient I think. And then, with internet we don’t need a map, all we need is Google Maps to search hidden places in the world. So we won’t get lost!

But, with those benefits of technology and internet, there’s also a disadvantages from that genius thing.

Technology can be enjoyed by the middle-upper class people only because the gadget and the device are relatively expensive. Then, the children in this modern era prefer to play games in tablet that will make them lazy than learning or drawing.

Through Facebook and Twitter, the people are privacy-less. They upload their inappropriate photos to attract controversy and tweet something secret and personal like Twitter is their modern diary. Their time is wasted because they spend their whole day to play the internet for nothing.

There’s a few people become weird because too much play with the internet and they become anti social. They’d like to play with their gadget than catch up with their family and friends.

So, be a normal person when you play the internet, don’t waste your time and ignoring people. Don’t waste your money to buy new gadget if it’s not really necessary. Be a wise hi-tech men so you can get all the advantages of technology without having a bad effects.

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