Living Diversity in Indonesia

November 25, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Living DiversityLiving Diversity: Indonesia consists of 1128 tribes, so that’s why so many cultures and also traditions in Indonesia.

The diversities in this country attract tourist and foreign people to learn more about the culture in Indonesia, they assume the richness of Indonesian culture is pretty cool.

So, we as Indonesian people have to be so proud for what we are and what we have with adjust ourself to live with diversities. Why? Because in the recent time, there are so many racist Indonesian people in here.

They mock the people with the darker skin, but they just don’t realize that the people that they mock is also their Indonesian fellow.

So, it’s pretty awful that some of the people haven’t open their mind or they just haven’t realize yet about the importance of respect the diversity.

Living Diversity in Indonesia

The first thing that we have to do for living diversity in Indonesia is respect every people without look into their background, history, or even their skin colour. Treat them right because the weakness of Indonesian people is always look into other people’s tribe first before they start to treat them right.

Example, when you go to the traditional market in Central Java, you will meet so many trader with their own region accent, if you cannot pretend or acting like you are came from one of them, the price that they offer would be higher than they usually sell with their hometown people.

So, see the difference, right?

Sometimes Indonesian people always blame someone’s bad characteristics based on where the person came from or which tribe he/she is. You know the truth is, the character is build based on someone’s environment and genetic. But for me, environment is the most influence someone’s characteristics.

For example, if someone raised by a good family, then he/she would become just like their family raised them. So, I think we cannot blame other people’s bad side based on where they came from, because that’s totally unfair.

Try to be such an open minded person, a global person who can make friends with so many kind of people. Live with diversities would make our life more colorful because we can take some advantages of that, we will know about new culture and traditions in some tribes and also their traditional language.

Our knowledge will be broader, so is our link, we can build the connection from Sabang to Merauke if we being friendly with all kind of people without seeing their race and ethnicity.

The last thing, don’t mock people with the different physical with you. We’re now living in modern era, not in a world war II when the racism style was very happening. So, put yourself when you in the position of people that you’ve always mocked.

If you’re not feel so good, so don’t treat them worst. Be kind to every people, don’t be racist, that’s the way if we want to live our life right with diversities. Just 3 things, don’t be racist, respect each other, and being open minded.


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