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May 25, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Lock Your Privacy !. Privacy is ability to protect and control information about us from public. Privacy is very important to every single person in the world.

Lock your Privacy

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Do you remember when you used to write everything that you feel about someone you really loved, some people that you really hate in your life, or every secret about your self in diary? You keep your diary safely so there’s no one will ever read that.

You want to keep your privacy as safe as you can. That’s why it called privacy, every people want to make a border between their secret information with other people.

But the funny fact, now the privacy border is getting thin. The people are not use diary or journal to tell about how they feel or share about the secret information about themselves, they update it in Facebook status, tweet it, or posting it into a blog.

Lock Your Privacy

Nowadays, the people are not afraid anymore or shy to show the public who they really are.

There are so many cases about the privacy-less in social media, for example, the student from X school frankly mock her teacher by updating status in Facebook, after the teachers know about that, the student is getting expelled from school.

Or in another case, there are so many indecent photos by Facebook user in the internet. Maybe they do such thing to show them the true colors of themselves, but I think to show the public who you really are by uploading your inappropriate private photos or video, or telling everybody else in social media about how you dislike your new teacher or mock another person is not right way to do.

You can show the public who you are by your achievement in academic or non academic, it is better way to show yourself, not with the controversial status or photos in internet.

So you have to keep / lock your privacy in social media, Facebook has a privacy setting with more details. So, use it to keep your privacy from social stalkers. Sometimes, there’s a company that will see their prospective employee’s Facebook to know who they really are. So, if you want to make your image good, don’t ruin it with your dirty word in your Facebook.

Sometimes, the bad habit of the people in these days, when they’re getting angry and they vent their feeling by updating an angry status with inappropriate words in Facebook, Twitter, or BBM. They don’t think about what people think about themselves if they keeping the habit or the effects because of it.

So, before you want to update or judge about something badly, think about your mom, your dad, or your friends, so you being wise in selecting the words. Hide your privacy, don’t be so bluntly, because it will ruin you.

Try to respect your privacy by not telling the whole world about your problem in home, your secret, your private life in Twitter or Facebook.

If you want to upload your photos in social media, choose a good one with decent clothes, not a bad one, don’t choose the photo that may attract the hacker to edit your photo into a nude model. Keep / lock your privacy in social media is as well as keeps your dignity.

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