Look Into Agnoticism

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According to the Wikipedia, literally Agnoticism means ‘without knowing’. Came from the Greek word, gnostein (know) and a (without). Agnosticism is a belief, there’s no way to find the existence of God.

An agnostic think that the existence of God can’t be described or proved by facts, beside that they don’t deny the possibility of God’s existence either.

The definition of agnostic is kinda similar with atheis, because both of it doesn’t believe in any religion. Both of it believes that very impossible to prove the existence of God.

Main different of agnostic and atheis is in its point of view. Atheis doesn’t believe if God’s exist, but agnostic isn’t sure if God exists or not.

Look Into Agnoticism

So, agnostic acts like they doesn’t believe in God, but they can’t be told as people who doesn’t believe in God either. It’s kinda confusing because the position of this belief is between theism and atheism.

If the agnostic move one step ahead, they will be an atheis. Agnoticism is like one of the effect of modernization in the world. Because of the industrial development in the city, most people think rationally and act materially without thinking about their beliefs.

There’s no balancing between worldly life which is controlled by science and technology and spiritual life.

Look Into Agnoticism

Look Into Agnoticism Bertrand Russell use the agnoticism term to appoint a belief between theis and atheis. Nowadays, the understanding of agnoticism is getting change. People in society think that being agnostic is cool and very intellect. It means that the understanding of agnostic from being a belief change into a lifestyle.

People just claim themselves as an agnostic, but the real is they don’t even know the essence of being agnostic itself. Some of the people claim themselves agnostic because they don’t want to deal with God’s existence thing.

The real agnostic, they did the research first about the truth answer of God. It’s very different with the agnostic people nowadays. They haven’t did the research to find out about what God is, they haven’t got through to the steps of proving the existence of God.

Most of them being an agnostic because of pragmatic choice. Maybe, they realize if they have to choose a religion with the certain God, there will be a consequence that they have to follow.

There’s a certain value that maybe the agnostic people prevented from. So they simply choose to be an agnostic.

Look Into Agnoticism

The conclusion is, not every agnostic is a real agnostic who did the research before about the existence of God and looking for the right answer about it. Then because of some reasons they failed to find the truth about the existence of God, so they choose to be an agnostic.

There are so many agnostics called as a positive agnostic who believes that we will never know about the existence of God.

Beside another agnostic who called as a weak agnostic said that we will never know anything about God for now, but maybe in the future.

And the last is pragmatic agnostic who convinces that there’s no any prove if God’s exist or not, so asking about the God’s existence is useless.

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