Look Skinnier and Happier

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Look Skinnier and Happier, Most of the women must be feeling guilty when they were having snacks in the midnight. Yea, I know, eat in midnight will gain their weight tragically. Usually, women like to consume chips, French fries, bread, cookies, until carbohydrate food like rice in the middle of the night.

Women need to keep their hip size in order to make them look skinny and sexy. They have an intention to control their eating pattern, but I know it’s hard and finally they loose and satisfied their desire by having snacks in the middle of the night. Is it not easy to Look Skinnier and Happier right?

Actually, it doesn’t matter if women eat in the midnight, they don’t have to worry about their hip size. The women can still release their hobby to having snacks. But, in one condition, the food that you consume will not gain your weight and contain of fat.

Look Skinnier and Happier

Look Skinnier

As a rice replacement, you can consume wheat or oatmeal. I know the foods are sugar free. This food is contains of high fiber which is will lose your fat in the stomach.

American Journal of Clinical Nutrition shows that the respondent who consumes wheat for 12 weeks did lose their fat twice more than consume rice. It’s great, right. So, go get your oat meal in the super market and having as a snack or for your breakfast.

Like wheat, fruits are high fiber too. For example, avocado contains of non solid fat so it makes avocado tasty, healthy, and safe. If you are too lazy to juice it, just cut it into pieces. Or you can get avocado juice in a juice store nearby. For more health, when you drink or eat avocado try to mix them with lime extract and salt, it would be fresh.

Beside, avocado, you can consume other fruit like blueberry and strawberry. But I think, blueberry’s better, because with its tiny form you can bring it everywhere and eat it just like your eat potato chips. And then, the research already shows that if we consume blueberry, we can keep the size of our hip. According to the specialist, blueberry contains of anthocyanin which give the blue color for blueberry and it useful as burner gen when fat got into our body. Impressing!

Keep your body skinnier is not mean you have to consume fruits and wheat everyday. You can eat a delicious food contain water and less calorie. It’s easy to cook this food. You can boil it or bake it. Do you know what the food is? Mushroom. It’s very delicious if we mix them with salad.

Mushroom is very tasty, if you are craving to have burger, you can replace the patty with mushroom. Still healthy and yummy! and that would help to Look Skinnier and Happier 🙂

For the last, green tea, it contains of catechin that effective to stimulate body metabolism. The fat in our body will burn perfectly. But remember to not add the sugar in green tea.

If you consume green tea every morning and exercise, you can have your skinny body faster than people who do not consume it. So, no wonder if the Japanese woman is look beauty and skinny. It’s time to copy their habit. So they Look Skinnier and Happier

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