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We Love Our Indonesian Language Love our Indonesian language: In 2011, many things changed in our country, ranging from lifestyle until daily language. Talk about the aspects of the language would have been very interesting, because many things that we can talk about and discuss it together.

If we all want to love our beloved Indonesian language, then we have to consider the first word that we will say when we talk with peers, teacher, and family.

We often say things that are not standard in the original Indonesian words. As an example, of word like ‘tidak’ to be ‘enggak’. Even, youth in Indonesia is very idolizes about western culture which was hailed as the forerunner in Indonesia slang language and fused the native structure of Indonesian words into the language of the west.

And of more concern, as if the western culture has been entrenched from among the top to the bottom. As if the diversity of language in Indonesia become extinct in the globalization era. We can see this in urban areas, most are very easy to be found in adolescent. They are embarrassed to use Indonesian indigenous culture, they regard it as out of date, ancient style, etc.

We Love Our Indonesian Language

Many factors and reasons which lead them to ignore the legacy of Indonesia:

  1. They usually want to be appreciated and recognized in some association like international association.
  2. Some are just part of it.
  3. There are just to attract the attention of the opposite sex only.
  4. They even admit that there is no better language than any other foreign language.

Now here is the question, which belonged to us?

Only ourselves who know this, and hopefully no one of us from those characteristics. If we can imagine from Sabang to Merauke is about 400 languages of various tribes in Indonesia, this illustrates that the wealth of Indonesia is extremely unlimited and why we as the younger generation doesn’t appreciate that?

In the colonial era, our heroes desperately defend this country with one of hope for Indonesia can used Indonesian language as a tool, a means for communication between individuals, between groups, and even inter-ethnic, or Indonesia may be known to the world because of the language or the culture.

In accordance with the oath of youth which was declared on October 28th 1928, the contents are:

  1. Our sons and daughter of Indonesia claimed a blood spilled, homeland Indonesia.
  2. Our sons and daughter of Indonesia claimed that one nation, Indonesian nation.
  3. Ours sons and daughter of Indonesia upholds to the national language, Indonesian.

In Indonesia has already established Indonesian conservationist community which consists of approximately 8.240 people including Dutch people. You see that, even Dutch people want to learned Indonesian language.

So, what are we waiting for?

We should never be tired to learn Indonesian language, because it will show that we are very appreciate with Indonesian culture include Indonesian language.

Love and learn our Indonesian language doesn’t mean we don’t have to learn the other foreign language. But, we must still love and preserving our language even we can speak more than 5 languages, Indonesian language is still our main language in daily life.

This country took a bet on us, this country is in the hands of young generation. So, love your country and your language, then the state will also love you.

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