4 Lunar Traditions

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Check it out below the lunar traditions :

1.Lion Dance/Barongsai Show

Lunar Traditions Barongsai Show
When chinese new year is coming, there are so many Barongsai show in the mall, you may have seen one of the Barongsai attraction which is so incredible. Barongsai attraction is a must do tradition when lunar new year’s coming as a prosperity symbol. Barongsai is chinese traditional dance when the dancer using big lion costume.

This traditional dance popular in 420-589 century, precisely in Nan Bei Dynasty. At that time, King Song Wen’s force made a replication of lion’s doll to drove away the King Fan’s army, and the mission was successed, then finally Barongsai dance became a legend.

Barongsai is a symbol of a brave lion, believed it had a mystical and magic energy which can drove away the demons and also brings prosperity, peace, and happiness.

Lunar Traditions

2.Giving Angpao

angpao_Lunar Traditions

The tradition of giving money as a gift in lunar new year to the children was begun in Ming and Qing dynasty. The children used the money to brought cakes, cookies, and firework, this could increasing the circulation of money and also the rotation of economic in China at that time.

Because the smallest nominal of money in China is a piece of bronze, this money had rectangular hollow, so the middle of this money tied becoming a string of money with a red rope.

The rich family will tied 100 pieces of bronze to be given to their children as their gift in chinese new year. Until now this tradition is still preserve, because the children always waiting for angpao from their parent, uncle, and aunt in chinese new year day.

3.Red Decoration

Red Decoration Lunar Traditions
Based on the myth and the legend about it, chinese new year was celebrated when chinese people successfully took down the myth big monster called Nian, it means ‘year’ in chinese. Nian always showed up in a first day of new year, and it always preyed the livestock, and even ate children.

To be safe from Nian, chinese people putted some foods in front of their door, because they believe that Nian would go after took a food from them. But one day, Nian running scared because Nian saw the children wore red costume.

Since that moment, when the chinese new year will come, the people decorate their house with red colour like the gordyn and stuff so Nian will never come again, but in the end Nian was conquered by a master in China, then Nian became his ride. Until now the chinese people still decorate their house with red colour as a tradition when chinese new year is coming. Because according to chinese people, red colour means brave, prosperity, and luck.

4.12 Kinds of Dishes

When celebrating Chinese new year, the people who celebrate it have to serve 12 kinds of dishes and also 12 kinds of cookies, these dishes symbolize 12 kinds of zodiac. The zodiac are chicken, snake, mouse, tiger, dragon, pig, monkey, goat, horse, dog, rabbit, and buffalo. Each dishes has its own meaning, for example, noodles means long life and prosperity, lapis legit cake means tons of luck in this new year, fish means the symbol or water, and duck or chicken means the symbol of air.

12-shioWe hope the lunar traditions above is correct, if not, please let us know then 🙂

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