Me Time, Myself, and I

June 14, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

me timeSo many people said that you, hard worker has to give a little time to yourself. Stop working and relax sometimes. But you as the busiest person in your world cannot decide, which the best time to take a rest beside Saturday and Sunday, and finally you cannot do your ‘ Me Time ’ to your self because you’re too confused and too tight with your work and your time.

You will never find time for anything. If you want time, you must make it. – Charles B.

So, look at the symptoms when you need a ‘ Me Time ’ to yourself. When you feel so tired, and in your head just work, work, and work, no matter what your profession is, you must feel responsible with your work and can’t leave it. Hmm, I think it’s time for you to give your brain a little oxygen to breath.

When you lost the motivation to work because you spend your whole day, noon and night to finish your work and you start to have a headache or pain in the back that will ruin your concentration in work. And when you feel so tired that but you cannot sleep well in bed, because you always over-think about your work and problems unsolved. Or even you forgot the last time you laugh and have happy time. If all the symptoms are in your self, it’s officially that you need a ‘ Me Time ’.

Me Time, Myself, and I

Don’t feel guilty if you just spare a little time to relax, because work always takes your attention lately. If you have a lot of work to do, and you have to working on it everyday, and think that if you relax for a while that make you waste your time, that’s really a mistake. You need to remember that having a little time for your self is not a sin. Your body and your brain have a limit to do all your work without stopping. Sometimes we need to ‘empty the glass’ to prevent stress. No need to diligent using a spare time to work.

Turn off your phone! Phone is like a disturber when you are in the middle of your relax time. So if you turn off your phone, your boss, your partner cannot reach you to disturb you with a whole new work. For once, leave without your cell phone is pretty fun too. me time !!

Use your spare time with do your pending activity. Maybe you need to go to spa long ago, play with your automotive, browsing in the internet, shopping, and stuff! Or maybe you miss when you lie in your bed and wake up in the afternoon, well in your time you can linger long with your pillow and bed. Or do some activities in your bed like watching movies, reading books, play with laptop, just spoiled yourself. me time !!!

Beside do your hobbies and ‘wasting time’ activities. You can meditation, beside the benefit is good, you can do meditation simple and cheap. Join yoga class, the purpose of this activity is to help you balancing your mind and relaxing. Maybe you can give back in your spare time. You can do social activity like do something useful to the other person and feel thankful for your life. me time !!!

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