7 Tips to Move on From Your Past Love

October 5, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Move on is a hard thing to do, especially if you madly in love with someone, then you build a relationship for years, but suddenly they betrayed you for some random reasons. I know the feel, it feels sucks.It’s like the earth is stop moving, you can’t barely breaths, and for you it’s the end of the world.

Betrayed by someone you really love is the worst thing that ever happened in your life. So that’s why there are some people choose to be gay, be single forever, or even marry a doll because they just like gave up for finding a true love with the opposite sex.

Move On (Broken heart)But the truth is, God create human in pairs. So no one’s going to be a single forever after the break ups, so move on is a very important ways to cure the people from a heartbroken. ‘Move on’ in this content means moving on from your past love and ready for start a new life without your ex.

There are so many reasons why the people so hard to moving on.

First, there’s too much memories before the break up happens, the memories have already drowned you deep till you can’t realize there are still better partners for your life than your ex.

Second, you have already dependent to your ex, so it’s like you can’t live without her/him. I think the second reason is the main reason why people can’t move on easily after the break up. Because, they used to live with their ex by their side, so I think it’s like lose half of their soul.

So here’s the tip for you Readers who read this posting and try to move on:

Move on from your past love

  1. Keep yourself busiest. Fill your day with some activities like being a part of crew event or try to find more side job to keep your mind off of your ex.
  2. Hang out with your friends. Maybe when you are still with him/her, your time just wasted for your ex, you have no spare time to spend with your friends. So, now the time, spend your time to catch up with your friends and fix your relation with your partner business.
  3. Spend more of your time to do social activity, helping people, care with environment. Doing more beneficial activity beside you just stay at your house and feeling blue.
  4. Make sure that you will find a better person than your ex. Just think that the break up is a process of maturing. So you will be tougher and stronger.
  5. Get the positive side from the break up. And what is it? It’s independent side of your self. Being single is learning to be an independent person, so you don’t dependent with anyone.
  6. Focus on your career. Make new goals to start a new life. Prove to your ex that without him/her you still alive and keep shining.
  7. Pray, asking help from God in order to get peace feeling for your self. So you won’t drown of your sadness.

I hope those tips will help you to moving on. Remember that you deserves better than yesterday. It’s not the end of the world. Try and try to move on!

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