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I’m going to review about the movies genre,,, you has so many genres. There are action, adventure, thriller, horror, comedy, drama, and many more. Those kinds of movies appear because of the creativity of the people when they make a great story then become a movie.

Usually, every people have a different taste of movie. For adult, they usually like action, comedy, drama, and gangster. For the children, they usually like adventure and fantasy. And for teenager, they usually like drama, chick flicks, and melodrama.

So, here’s the Movies genre review…

Action film

Movies genre - Kill Bill FilmAction film is full of the tense action, fighting, and colossal scene. Usually, the story is about the conflict of the right one and the wrong one. Bad Boy, Die Hard, Kill Bill film is the example of the action film.

Adventure film is about the expedition or the journey to find something like treasure or important thing to save the world.

Sometimes, the film is completed with the spectacular action scenes. The Mummy, Indiana Jones, Journey to The Center of The Earth is kind of the adventure movies.

Comedy film is made to make the audience laugh. Inside the story, there are some slapstick, parody, and satirical comedy.

Change Up, Grown Ups, Scary Movie, Jack and Jill, American Pie is kind of the comedy film. The actor or the actress to cast in this kind of movie is have to be funny too, not only the plot of the story.

Crime and Gangster, the story is based on the criminal acts like mafia. There are bank robbery scenes, murder scenes, and betrayal scenes.

Sometimes, we have to think deeply when watch this kind of movie because the plot of the story is kind a complicated. The film like The Godfather, The Departed, Once Upon a Time in America is great crime and gangster movie.
crime and gangster movie
Drama, this kind of movie is a most favorite genre for people. The plot of the story is serious and depiction of the tragedy, character, or the real situation. This movie using minimal special effects and the story is romantic, biopic, and erotic like Memoirs of Geisha, The Lake House, Valentine’s Day, The Proposal.

Valentine’s Day movie poster

There’s the other kind of movies genre that related to drama, that’s melodrama. The story of this genre is affecting the people’s feeling, sometimes the audience is crying when watch the film. The audience cries because the story is very touching. Film like A Walk to Remember, 500 Days of Summer, The Notebook, The Vow has a touchable story.

Horror is the scary and attractive movie. The plot is made to creeps the audience. There’s a ghost, monster, and legendary creature. This film is about murder, devil worship, Dracula, and terror like The Ring, Insidious, Woman in Black.

Musical, this film is about singing and dancing. I think to make this kind of film is very complicated. Because the producer has to cast multitalented actor who can singing and dancing. And the shooting process takes a long time. The cast has to record the song first, learn the choreography, and then shoot the acting. The Sound of Music, High School Musical, Hairspray is the outstanding musical film ever.

Science Fiction, this film is an imagination with a scientific theory inside. The story is about space, aliens, space adventure. The film like Star Trek, Star Wars, and E. T. is kind of this movie.

Fantasy, this movie is telling the incident that may not happen in a real life. This kind of movie is showing a magical unsure, myth, miracle, or another weird thing. This film can be categorized into a science fiction or horror, it depends on the story. The film like Twilight, Harry Potter, Lord of The Rings is magnificent fantasy movie ever.

Chick Flicks, the story is about teenager problem with the girl character as the main role. The story of this kind of film can be like a love story, family problem, friendship, or dreams. 27 Dresses, Sex and The City, Bring It On, The Devil Wears Prada is the chick flick films. This kind of movie is my favorite.

So, what’s your favorite of movies genre?

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