Nanny’s Pavillon Pancake Resto, a Unique Resto in Indonesia

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Hi everyone, have you ever come to the restaurant which has many themes in 1 restaurant? If not, please come to Nanny’s Pavillon Pancake Resto

On the last year I was celebrated my birthday in Nanny’s Pavillon.
I totally love the place so much, very unique. The combination with vintage and modernist came from the food.

Nanny’s Pavillon Pancake Resto, a Unique Resto in Indonesia

Let’s talk about the food. May be all of you are familiar with western food. Pasta, salade, pancake and waffle, grilled, baked rice. I came to the Nanny’s Pavillon for several times. I just think little bit a restaurant that can provide mostly the food being a top at the restaurant and Nanny’s pavillon did.

My favorite pasta is Kimberly’s green sausage pasta for this menu you can choose which pasta do you want. I mean spaghetti or fettuccini with mushroom as sauce that is so yummmmy. Nanny’s Pavillon

Kimberly’s green sausage pasta Nanny's Pavillon Pancake Resto

Photo credit : @nannyspavillon

Besides, at Nanny’s Pavillon I have tasted Kerman’s Beef Baked rice, I love the meatballs with cheese melted on the top of the meatballs and the rice is fluffier rice.

For salade, I was order Olivio’s Fried Buttermilk Mushroom. You can find many kinds of mushrooms fried crispy like Champignon, Oyster and Enoki mushrooms with two kinds of sauce. my favorite salade at Nanny’s Pavillon.

Olivio’s Fried Buttermilk Mushroom Nanny's Pavillon Pancake Resto

Oh gosh, really want to ask the chef how to make this? Because I will practice it at home xoxoxo

About the beverage, I think the beverage at the Nanny’s Pavillon is similar with other restaurant. If you ask me, I will recommend you Blueberry Lemonade. It is very fresh, sweet and sour but not bad.

Anyway I want to telling you my perceptive about the place. I was Nanny’s Pavillon at Margo city and PIM and both of outlets have same concept. Vey classic with white chair you will feel like you are in the village but not in Indonesia.

Nanny's Pavillon Pancake Resto PIM

There are so many flowers and the custom of the waiters like a nanny. Haha I love those girl custom.
Anyway they are playing jazz tune too haha so come over here now.

By the way if you are lucky you will see the waiters dancing in front you, very brilliant and entertaining I assume only at Nanny’s Pavillon, You will get the bonus besides delicious food and something that make you happy.

Nanny's Pavillon Le Jardin Des Fleurs / Nanny's Pavillon Pancake Resto

Photo credit :

I heard for some outlets you can choose the room like at bathroom, bedroom, Nanny’s Pavillon Pancake Resto home, playroom. See? You can realize what a brilliant the owner to make this concept. You will never boring to visit this restaurant.

Nanny's Pavillon Pancake Resto Bedroom

Photo credit : @nannyspavillon

So when you want to eat pasta I recommended you to visit Nanny’s Pavillon Pancake Resto

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