National Heroes Day

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Two days ago, November 10th 2012 was a National Heroes Day. November 10th celebrated as heroes day because of the fierce battle between Indonesian people and Netherland army in Surabaya, East Java 67 years ago. This battle took a lot of sacrifices and blood of Indonesian people to fight for freedom and independence. And here’s the heroic story about it…
Heroes day
On March 1st 1945, Japan army landed in Java Island, then seven days later the Dutch colonial government surrendered unconditionally to Japan. At that time, Indonesia was occupied by Japan. But 3 years later, Japan surrendered to the ally after the atomic bombing in Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

In a situation like that without control of Japan or Netherland, Indonesia got a chance to proclaimed their independence on August 17th 1945. Before stripped by the ally, the Indonesian people tried to strip the Japan army’s weapon, so arised the battle in many regions.

When the movement to strip the Japan army was on the move in September 15th 1945, the British army arrived in Jakarta and landed in Surabaya on October 25th. British army called AFNEI (Allied Forces Netherlands East Indies) was came up in the name of ally, their duties are stripped the Japan’s army, freeing the prisoners who thralled by Japan, and also returned the Japan’s army back to their homeland.

But, beside of their main duties, the British army also brought the mission to got Indonesia back to the Netherland as their colony. So, that’s why the landing of AFNEI followed by NICA (Netherlands Indies Civil Administration) and that was the reason of Indonesian people’s rebellion in everywhere.
national heroes day, surabaya

In Surabaya, the raised of Netherland’s flag at Yamato Hotel already ‘cause clashes between British army and Indonesian people. Armed clashes with British army in Surabaya culminated the murdered of Brigadier General Mallaby on October 30th.

After the murdered of Mallaby, his replacer gave the ultimatum to the people of Indonesia to report every guns and weapon that they had and it has to be putted in one place then the people of Indonesia has to surrender with arms raised. The limit of the ultimatum is 6 in the morning on November 10th 1945.

The ultimatum was totally ignored by Indonesian people because the people already built the army called People’s Security Force (TKR). Beside that there are so many organization to fight the colony. In November 10th morning, British army started the massive attacks by deploying 30.000 soldiers, 50 air planes, and a large number of warships. heroes surabaya

Every part of Surabaya attacked by bombs and guns from the land, sea, and air. Thousands of people were affected, many died and many more were injured.

The British army thought that the resistance of Indonesian people can be defeated in 3 days. But, the struggle of Indonesian people like Bung Tomo and religious leaders keep the battle last quite long.

So, the bloody battle in Surabaya at that time proved the struggle of Indonesian people to get the freedom and independence for this country. The number of fighters who died to fight for this country memorize as National Heroes Day.

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