New Type Approval Regulations and Benefits For local Company

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The new regulations in the title, mean regulation in type approval certification telecommunication devices in Indonesia. why take importer theme ? Yes because as importer related to the influx of telecommunications devices in this matter.

Actually the new regulations [KOMINFO MINISTER OF REGULATION NUMBER: 29 / PER/M.KOMINFO/09/2008 CERTIFICATION OF TOOLS AND THE TELECOMMUNICATION]”still in Bahasa” have been published since last September. And the implementation of the new regulations have running well absolutely, closely related to the policy in the customs and excise.

Vigorous coordination between Customs and Directorate General of posts and telecommunication [Postel] to take action for sweeping some illegal of telecommunication devices. proved when they are sweeping, that they take hold of hundreds of illegal devices and Blackberry”(customs officials foil Blackberry cellulars smuggling in the customs)” this is a proof that new regulation already running well here.

What is the benefits for local distributor/ importers?

I have made a clarification with the relevant parties in this case the Director General of Post and Customs via telephone then i think that i have to publish about this.

The point of Advantages for local distributors or importers are located in the process of type approval certification of the device. When the local distributors or importers submit to obtain in type approval certification, they will get approved without re-entry to the testing process. “with a note” that the manufacturers have obtained the certificate type A in the past and also already received the type approval certificate before.

This means that this will save time and save operational costs because it does not need to set up 2 units of sample for testing purpose regarding to get a certificate type B.

Actually the cost for the application is the same as the initial cost of normal certification process [testing fee base on testing payment order and certificate fee base on certificate payment order]

However, if you are still forced to import a large amount of products without the type approval certificate, and the problematic how much you should spend money to rent a warehouse at the Customs because custom will take hold of your products without type approval, and other external costs that are not in your expectation …

With these new regulations local company has a special services and the opportunity to play early of the foreign competitors.
Conclusions type approval product is part of the solution to facilitate the entry of telecommunications devices in Indonesia.

How do you think about this New Type Approval Regulations and Benefits For local Company?

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