New York City of Dreams

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New York City of DreamsNew York is one of the most populous metropolitan city in the world and also the central of metropolitan district in America. In New York, there are so many fine arts skyscrapers such as Empire State Building, Woolworth Building, Seagram Building, and Condé Nast Building. As a global metropolitan city, New York City gives big impact to the stock market, finance, media, culture, art, fashion, research, and entertainment.

New York City of Dreams

New York’s big impact in many fields could be one of the reason why New York be the center office of international organization, United Nation and home for the stock market in the world, Wall Street at Lower Manhattan.

BroadwayNew York was founded as a commercial trade post by Netherland in 1624, so this town called New Amsterdam at it first appearances until 1664 this town surrendered to England and changed name called New York, the name came from Duke of York from England. New York was a capital city of United States in 1785 until 1790.

This city consists of five borough, there are Bronx, Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, and Staten Island.There are so many districts and historical buildings in this city which are very well-known in the world like New York Times Square, Liberty Statue, Central Park, American Museum of Natural History, Washington Arch, and so many more.

Beside as a central of entertainment industry of the world, New York also has two world class universities, Columbia University and New York University. FYI, one of the Columbia University alumni is President of USA, Barack Obama.

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Beside for the high quality academic institution, there’s also non-academic institution like Juilliard school for the people who will focus on art and music. This city has library called New York Public Library which has the largest collection of books than any public library in the United States.

city dreamMore than 800 languages spoken in New York, so it makes the city is fullfil with extremely diverse people all over the world. Many kind of people there struggles to realize their dream because live in New York isn’t as easy as we thought. If you want to go to New York, you should train yourself to be a hard worker first because the competition in that city is extremely hard.

Beside that, New York has high cost of living so you should really work hard to survive in that city. You need to be more than professional, smart, and skillful. Time is very precious in there, start from sunrise until midnight New York city is always crowded so that’s why the city dubbed as busiest city that never sleeps.

Frank Sinatra said in one of his legendary song, ‘New York, New York’: ‘If you can make it in here (New York) then you can make it anywhere.’ It means that people who already survived and succeed in New York, their skills cannot be doubted anymore in other country.

So, that’s why New York can be called The City of Dreams, so many people in around the world even myself put my goals to go to New York whether it’s about continue my study, working, or even live there.

You have to know that even American people who lives in another states urges to move to New York especially Manhattan to reach their dreams, so New York seems beautiful as it looks like but inside of it, only the strongest will survive.

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