Obliogation of Certificate Holder

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Many questions came to my personal email especially about “how to put SDPPI label”, so check it out below a useful information regarding to put SDPPI Label.

Obligation of Certificate Holder:

  • Certificate holder are required to attached label to each equipment covered the certificate, on their own effort within 60 days after certificate issued
  • The label has to contained the number of certificate and the identity number based on Certification Institution data base
  • The size of the label is depend on the size of equipment and it has to be able to see by bare eyes
  • In any case that equipment is not possible to affix the label, the appearance of label in the package or in manual book of the equipment
  • If there are any changes of the telecommunication equipment or the certificate holder address, the certificate holder are obligate to report to Certification Institution


  • a. [Certificate number] is a number of certificate issued for certified telecommunication equipment
  • b. [PLG.ID number] is a number of PLG. ID based one Certification Body database.

All of the information above that issued by the Directorate General of Posts and Telecommunication (DGPT) [*has been changed to be SDPPI] .The Government Department who is in-charge in Indonesia’s Type Approval.

We hope the information above about the obligation of the certificate holder could give you an inspiration to entry in Indonesian market.

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