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In this era, everything is so quick and simple. Start with the education, relation, until commerce. Through the internet, we can always do something quick. It’s certain that you have seen buy and sell activity in the internet like,, or another online shop in Facebook, Twitter, or BBM. Some people said Online Commerce

I’m sure that you prefer to buy something online rather than going to the market to find it. So is the seller. The seller chooses to sell their things in the internet rather than to open the space in store and work out of home. Usually, a woman especially housewife loved to sell online, but man loves to sell in the internet too, because they want it to be simple and quick.

Online Commerce

Beside those benefits above, there’s always plus and minus. The advantages of sell online are, you can save the money from rent some space in the mall. So, you don’t need capital to start working to sell your things, you’re just sold it in the internet.

Online Commerce

Surely, if you sell online, you can sell something with the low price, because you don’t need to pay the tax from your space or operational cost. If you are a buyer, you can buy your favorite product from all around the world like America. You can buy things from,, or

Online commerce activity not only profitable to your business chance and shopping facility, but it will bring profit to the country, because every transaction always involves other institutions like pos, bank, credit cards, and others. The interaction between the buyer and the seller can decrease human error.

There are disadvantages from the online commerce. Usually when the buyer has got their product from the online shop, the product in the internet is very different with the real one. Well, you know the consequences if you buy the product before try it first for example, if you buy dress, don’t complain if the dress is too small or too large to your body.

For some people, shopping is like recreation, so they have to travel to one to another mall to shopping. So, they don’t need online shop, because they can’t touch and try the product.

There are some products that the seller cannot sell it online. For example like perfume or cookies. The buyer has to smell the perfume first before they buy it, so perfume cannot be sold in the internet, so is cookies, if you want to sell cookies you have to sell it in the market first, if you have so many customer and you want to expand your cookies existence in Indonesia, well you can sell it in the internet by make online shop.

But, for online commerce activity in the internet, there are so many swindle case happened when the buyer won’t transfer the money while the product already sent, or the seller didn’t sent the product but they steal the money. This kind of case is very blur in law, because there are no obvious laws about commerce law. So, it’s better if you just COD with the seller or the buyer.

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