Pancasila Day: 5 Principles for NKRI

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Today is the 1st day of June, which is the birthday of Pancasila. Pancasila is an ideology of Indonesia. Panca means five and Sila means principle. Pancasila proposed by Ir. Soekarno on June 1st 1945 at Investigative Agency Prepare Indonesia’s Independence Efforts assembly in his speech ‘Born of Pancasila’.

Pancasila consists of five principles as a basic fundamental of Republic of Indonesia.

Pancasila contained in fourth paragraph Opening of Basic Laws 1945 and defined as a basic philosophy of Indonesia on August 18th 1945.

Pancasila Day

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First principle: Believe in the one and only God. Symbol of the first principle is star. People of Indonesia have to apply this principle to the real life.

Believe and cautious of God according to the religion and beliefs of each person, respect between religious in order to make harmonious life.

Respect to the freedom to do their religious worship and not forcing a belief to the other person.

Second principle: Fair civilized humanity, the symbol of this principle is chain.

The purpose of this principle is to make the people of Indonesia recognize the equal right, upholding human values, loves each other without discrimination, dare to defend the truth and justice, and always being tolerant to each other without seeing the race, ethnic, and religion.

Third principle: The unity of Indonesia, the symbol of this principle is banyan tree. The people of Indonesia should have spirit of nationalism, loves the homeland and the nation, proud to being Indonesian, willing to sacrifice for the sake of Indonesia.

Forth principle: Democracy guided by the inner wisdom in the unanimity arising out of the deliberations amongst representatives, the symbol of this principle is the buffalo’s head.

To apply this principle to the real life, the people of Indonesia should prioritizing deliberation in making decisions for the common good, priority interest of the state and society, and not forcing any will to the other people.

Fifth principle of Pancasila, social justice for the whole people of Indonesia, the symbol of this principle is rice and cotton.

People of Indonesia should be fair of every competition or conflict, respect to the other, and not distinguish between the rich and the poor, giving a chance for everyone to get an education without seeing who is the father or the family background.

Unfortunately, in the real life, the people of Indonesia cannot apply the five priciple to their life. Even, there are some people who don’t memorize the principals of Pancasila. Most of the people who don’t memorize the principles of Pancasila are young people like student in school and college.

The worst is, how can the young generation change and make our nation be better if they don’t apply and quite understand about the principles of Pancasila? I think for the better, every single candidate for the parliament should memorize principles of Pancasila first and see if they apply to their life or not before they are being officials in legislature.

I’m really sure if all the people in legislature apply the values of Pancasila, no more corruption or dirty politics games there.

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