Period Pains: Dealing With Menstruation Problems

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Period pains

periode time = Period pains

Period pains: This post is especially for the girls and woman that often feels awkward when their period didn’t come right in their period time.

Or, for the girls and woman that always feel so much hurt when period, too much bleeding, and your menstruation is irregular.

Well, when you have been felt one of those kind menstruation problems or now you are dealing with that, you should be worry. Because that’s a quite big deal for you, don’t underestimate it.

First, when your menstruation didn’t come right in your period time. This called Amenorrhea, amenorrhea is a late period time, but actually you are already matured.

For example, if you are a young 17th year old girl and you haven’t menstruation yet, this disorder cause by the imbalance hormonal or growth problems.

Another Symptoms of Period pains time

There’s another symptoms of amenorrhea, when the girls already had a normal menstruation, suddenly the menstruation stops for 3 months. This is because the lower of hormonal that use to control ovulation and period cycle. Stress, anorexia, thyroid gland condition, and cyst can cause discharge too much hormonal so, the hormonal cannot balance. So, if you suffered Amenorrhea, you should do hormonal therapy in agreement of the doctor.

Then, if your period is irregular, maybe you suffered Menorrhagia. Menorrhagia is a medical term to called too long period time. If you are bleeding too much, and that’s happening for more than two days, maybe it can be sure that you suffered menorrhagia.

Usually, the patience changes their bandage every hour because their blood is too much. Or the symptom of menorrhagia can be like you have a long period time, normally it’s happen for seven days, but you have menstruation for more than a week.

Menorrhagia caused by the amount of the estrogen and progesterone hormonal condition is not balance. Another factor is because the thyroid glands condition, there’s a disease in blood, infection in vagina or cervical. You should go to the doctor, usually the doctor will do pelvic exam, pap smear, and blood checking to know about the causes, then you will get the treatment like extra hormonal, drugs, and other therapy to clean your uterus from all the factors.

I’m sure that all of the girls must be feeling so much hurts when period time. It’s called Dysmenorrhea, is a term to every girl’s disorder when period time. Actually, dysmenorrhea is a natural hurts when menstruation, not because the disease.

This is happen because in a large number of prostaglandin can make us nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, and cramps for one until two days when period. If you go to the doctor, they will give you anti-inflammatory drug to cure your dysmenorrhea. Or, if you feel cramp or stomachache you can compress your stomach with warm water to help you cure the pain.

Conclusion of periode pains

So, the conclusion is, when you haven’t got menstruation in 17th years old, suddenly your menstruation is stopping or your period is irregular, every time you’re in period, you bleed so much with a long period time, or you feel so much pain in period time, you should go to the doctor.

Let them check you, if there any disorder or tumor in your ovarian. Don’t underestimate every awkward symptom that occurred. So do not think to much that the period time is your period pains too 🙂

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