7 Symptoms for Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

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Being a woman is totally complicated rather than boys. We have to be aware of sensitive parts in our body that may attacked by disease. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is a general symptom in girls or woman.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome awarnessActually, the causes of this disease are not known exactly but the big indication is unbalanced woman hormonal. As we know, both girls and boys in their body can produce sexual hormone with different amount.

For the girls, the ovary will produce estrogen, progesterone, and androgen hormone. The last hormone, androgen, is the boys hormone that girls produce in small amounts. Those hormones will control the cycle of menstruating and ovulation.

If girls are in PCOS, the ovary will produce androgen hormone with a huge of amount than normal. The excess hormone will distract the formation and release of eggs and some of the eggs can form into cyst. The releasing of the eggs while ovulation can keep a period normally but the cyst still grows up in ovary and enlarges.

For the girls who suffer PCOS, she won’t impregnation or releasing the eggs every month. This is the reason why they don’t have a normal menstruation cycle and unobvious period.

Polycystic Ovary Syndrome

There are some symptoms of PCOS it self. One of the symptoms is irregular period. These are details of PCOS symptoms:

  1. Their menstruation is excess, for example like period more than once in a month.
  2. Their weight is gain, obesity, or difficult to control the weight. Moreover, the weight gain happens in hip part of the body.
  3. Hirsutism is excessive of growing hair in face, chest, stomach, hilt, and back area of the body.
  4. The hair in our head will fall out or alopecia.
  5. The acnes will raise more and the pores will be corked.
  6. Color of the skin in neck, armpit, and breast area getting dark and thicker or it called acanthosis nigricans.
  7. High blood pressure, cholesterol will increase, or diabetic.

If PCOS is not cured soon, it will raise so many problems to the girls. The worst, girl with PCO will barren, excessive of growing hair, more acnes, obesity, diabetic, heart attack, high blood pressure, and hemorrhage in uterus and cancer.

So, if you have already detected and had PCOS, don’t panic or worry. You can do the treatment. If you weight is keep gaining, usually the doctor will suggest you to diet and lose some weight. If the lose weight will decrease some condition that related to the PCOS like diabetic so it will fix you to lose some symptoms of PCOS.

The doctor will also control your food intake and suggest you to exercises. Then, they will give you anti-androgen that may fight the effect of more androgen in your body.

The other treatment is give you a metformin to decrease diabetic and less the amount of the insulin in your body, then can control the ovulation and androgen amount in the body. It will make your menstruation come back to normal or regularly, lose your weight and high blood pressure levels.

So you need to diagnose and treat medically soon if you already detected that you had PCOS. If you treat from now on it will very helpful to prevent other bad risks. Don’t hesitate to control and look after to your body.  I thout my short explanation about Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is enough, please leave the comment if necessary. 🙂

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