Power of Attorney – Sample Form

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Power Attorney, you know that Narmadi.com is always talking about type approval certification for telecommunication equipment or ITE products in Indonesia so The Power of Attorney which I mean is related to type approval certification products. Power of attorney is one of mandatory requirements in type approval certification process and must be prepared before the application is submitted.

This is a must when you are using our services regarding to obtain type approval certification in Indonesia.

Where I get the Power of Attorney forms?

That is the main points in this posting,  I will attach an example or standard form for power attorney. I would like to remind you one again that the power of attorney is clearly required to process your application for your product certification.

Please fill up the form and double check your information there to avoid any trouble in type approval certification process. Actually you could get the sample of POA in document requirement on my previous post. but for sure…

Power Attorney

Download (PDF, 17KB)

Here you could download the example of the Power of Attorney Forms or Feel free to contact me to know more detail about it.

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