Presidential System of Government in United States

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Presidential System of Government in United StatesPresidential System of Government in United States: United States consists of 50 states and independence on July 4th 1776. United States of America is a federated republic which adopted a presidential government system. The central government located in Washington D.C. while the other state government is in their own states except Washington.

Presidential government system is a system where the president acts as an executive board and the congress acts as a legislative board, while the highest assembly is in senate’s hand and the lowest assembly is in hands of house of representatives.

In United States of America, there’s a strict separation of power between legislative, executive, and also judiciary. This separation consists of separation in implementing section, the function, and also powers from those 3 boards which is control one and another using check and balances principle.

Check and Balances means watching and controlling each other to keep the balances of those 3 boards while in order to justify the justice through the judiciary or supreme court which is independent from any influences of legislative or executive to secure and guarantee the freedom and independence rights of every individual and also the rule of law.

Presidential System of Government in United States

This government system in United States of America based on the constitution in 1787. After 27 times of amendments, United States of America uses this kind of government system, presidential system. As a country that carried democracy system for the very first time in the world, this system nowadays already adopted to the other countries include Indonesia.

The separation of power between executive (President), legislative (Congress), and judiciary (Supreme of Court) inspired of Trias Politica concept by John Locke. John Locke separated it into 3 powers in order to build the ideal government which could prevent corruption and the mechanism of check and balances would realize. United states

Legislative power is in parliament called congress. The duty of legislative board is making the constitution, declaring war, approving the agreement, this board also has the power of purse, and the ability to demoting the President through impeachment.

The congress consists of two rooms or called bicameral, there are Senate and House of Representatives. The member of senate is a representative of each state, voted by the election in each state. The House of Representatives decided based on the numbers of population with two years period.

Judiciary power is in independent Supreme Court. The function of Supreme Court is guarantee and secure the rights of freedom in every individual, and also the rule of law. Beside that, the Supreme Court has a right to call off the constitution if judged not compatible with the basic constitution. Supreme Court Justices have a lifetime tenure and chosen by the President through the Senate agreement.

The executive power handled by the President as head of state and head of government.  The President and the Vice President chosen through the election every 4 years and reign maximally for two terms. So that’s why the President has no responsibility to the congress, but to the people of United States. Through the cabinet and another executive board like department or non-department, the President runs the government.

Party system in United States adopts dual party systems, Democrat and Republican. In every election, those two parties struggling for the position in political position and government. For the state, the system of the government system almost the same as central government has. The states lead by the Governor who has parliament like Senate and House of Representatives.

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