Protect Yourself from Sexual Harassment

May 25, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Woman always become a sexual object of bad people out there. Commonly, woman always become a victim of sexual harassment in public transportation like bus or train. But not only in the public transportation, for a party girls, they always exposed to a sexual harassment in the club. This is very dangerous for a woman, because there are so many rape cased out there.

Sometimes, they are not only being raped, they are being robbed too. So, for the woman and girl who read this, beware and take care of yourself from the bad boy out there. If you want to go to the place and the place is far enough from your home, better if you are being accompanied.

Sexual Harassment

Sexual HarassmentYou have to anticipating a bad thing that might be happen. It’s better if you make a protection for yourself. Bad boy out there is attracts by a woman who wear sexy dress, so you should know what to wear before you go.

Even there is no guarantee if we dress appropriately we cannot avoid the sexual harassment, but to protect our self better if we dressed decently and not wearing too much accessories that may attract the bad people to rob us.

Don’t ever try to go out alone in the night! There are so many risks if we try this one, we can be tease by unknown guy out there. If you want to get some fresh air in the midnight, better if you be accompanied by your friend than you have to go take a walk alone in the night, the risk is very danger to yourself. You can be abducted and get killed!

Introspective yourself, if you like to take public transportation to go to another place, you need more efforts to take care of yourself because there are so many sexual harassments happen in the public transportation. From now on, you have to be more careful when choose the place to sit in public transportation, as possible as you can, you have to keep away with guy.

If there’s a bad guy tease you or even touch you, don’t be afraid to show your power to fight them. Just scold him and threat him in order to make him afraid of you. If he doesn’t afraid of you, you should call the police to take the rest and put him in jail. Don’t be afraid to do that. Better if you prepare like a weapon in your bag maybe knife or something.

The city is dangerous. Don’t be careless and easily believe strangers. Because now the bad people have new trick to rob, they will hypnotize the victim and rob everything. So, if someone ask you something weird or pretend to ask the address, don’t look their eyes! Because, hypnotize is working when you see their eyes.

Then, do not ever daydreaming while you in the public transportation, because when your mind is empty, the hypnotizer will easily to get you. Creepy, right? So, beware and always pray before you are going anywhere.


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