What’s the Function of Pubic Hair ?

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As you know, there’s hair grown in the genital zone of adults, it’s called pubic hair. Naturally, this hair is a sign of secondary genital, so the growth of pubic hair happen when the people active sexually.

pubic hair

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This hair growth affected by the increase of androgen hormonal in individual when their sexual organ actives. The amount of pubic hair, the form, and color of it will grow as time goes by.

Based on the research, hair growth will grow rapidly through years. This kind of pubic hair growth called pubarche.

Pubic Hair


I’m sure there are few people wondering, what’s the function of this hair ?

Well, beside its function as a sign of sexual physic development, along with mature of sexual organ, there’s a special gland in that zone that will secreting kind of a liquid with peculiar aroma.

This aroma plays as a power of sexual attractions to the pheromone, and then the hair in the genital zone has a function to collect it.

This hair is also kind of vulva protection, because genital zone is very sensitive. This pubic hair can also give a warm to the genital zone.

If the hair grow thicker and the amount is too much, it will make you uncomfortable, then you need to reduce it by shave it or drawn it rightly. Beside that, you need to keep your pubic hair clean, if you can’t keep your hair clean, you will make your genital zone potential to cause any of the bacterial and louse.

The sweat, secretion from the special gland, and insensitive skin cells that already peeled off can pile up in the interstice hair. If you don’t clean it up periodically, the dirt will getting pile up and rise every of the parasite in that zone. If the treatment of this hair cleanness is getting worst, there’s a possibility of louse to live there.

Excessive moisture in pubic hair will make skin mites (Sarcoptes scabei) types that cause scabies and fungi grow. So, how to keep our pubic hair clean? You have to do the right treatment to your pubic hair.

It’s not too difficult to take care of it. You can clean your pubic hair while you taking a bath. Using the un-irritating soap, this cleanness will make the dirt that stuck in the hair gone. Then, beside that don’t forget to change your underwear twice or third a day, it will keep you from the hair louse.

This is just an advice, if you want to shave your pubic hair, do the shave rightly and carefully, if you do it careless, it will make the irritate hurts in the genital zone, and it might be an enter door to a bacterial to get into your genital zone. Beside that, you can cut your pubic hair for half centimeter with scissor.

Or if you want to shave it, better if you rub the soap foam to your genital zone then shave it. And remember don’t share your shaver to the other person, even your siblings.

But, if you feel itching, aches, pains, small bumps in your genital zone and the genital zone burning redness, you should go to the doctor before it’s too late to cure it.

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