3 Important Point to be a good Public Speaking

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Public Speaking: There’s a moment when you have to give a speech in front of your class room, or presentation in front of more than 100 people out there. But, with that big responsibility, you have no idea to prepare some preparations to make your performance good and cool in front of the people.

So, don’t worry! You don’t have to join public speaking seminar to teach you how to speak wisely in front of many people. I know that public speaking is a serious thing to do and you need to practice million times to get a best result. You just need to know tips and tricks to perform well and speak fluently.

Public Speaking

Public Speaking

Do these 3 steps before you give a speech in front of public:

First, you have to be ready! Your appearance will be a first impression for the public. Wear a proper dress or suit, neat clothes, and nice looking. Don’t make your audience lost the feeling of you first because your messy appearance. Sell yourself before you offer your idea.

Second, prepare well. I know that perform in front of so many people it must be make you nervous, worry, and sweaty. Don’t show your worry face to the audience, try to calm down and relax.

Third, confident of yourself, when the host calling you to come forward, say yes and smile. Walk with your confidence, look to the whole audience and give your smile. Introduce yourself to the audience for a while, and start to give a speech.

Here are the tips to make your performance more effective.

The speech usually consists of 3 parts, opening, the content, and closing. Before you give a speech, make sure that you have already prepared about these parts. So, you won’t lose the words to speak. Try to interact with audience, because they won’t satisfy when you just talk, talk, and talk without a dialog or some question-answer between you and the audience.

Don’t forget about the eye contact. Look at your audience and show them that you are shining and happy to talk with them. Let your face ‘talk’ or show some expression so, your sentences will be more understood by the audience. Beside that, stand with comfortable, don’t lean against the wall or do something awkward. Try to relax, and feel that you are an expert in public speaking and the audience loves you. Let your speech flow like a river and enjoy it.

When you give a speech, don’t forget about your voice quality. Speak loudly in order to make the audience hear what you are saying. Don’t speak to fast like a train, make a good intonation. Make sure that your voice is quite good, you can speak clearly, stable, not over tune and annoying. Give some intonation in some words. If there’s a quote that you want the audience to remember, give intonation to it.

To make your speech easily, write the plot in a small note. Write the main idea if your speech, so you won’t forget what you wanted to say. After you give a speech to the audience, try to make a conclusion of your speech, look at the audience, give a quote of your own, smile, and say thank you. I wish you will get the point in this article about Public Speaking.

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