Public Transportation Issues

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A public transportation is a facility to serve the civil people its quality and comfortable on the way to one place to another place. A public transportation must be safe from the criminals.
Public Transportation Issues
Because, that is the important things to make the civil people feel save when they take a public transportations to travel.

Besides, if the civil people are takes public transportation to go to some place, the traffic jam in the city will be reduced.

So, the public transportation company should increase the quality of its transportation in order to make the civil feels comfortable and safe.

Because, in a reality, there are so many criminals acts in public transportations. For the example, cases of misconduct, more than 70% woman have spoken to one survey in 2011 about the rise of the misconduct action in public transportation.

Public Transportation Issues

The woman or the girls always being a victim of a sexual criminals. They always get scared by the creepy guys who always touch them inappropriately.

May you like also Protect yourself from sexual harassment

Then, there are the other criminal acts, such as pick pocketing, sexual harassment, hypnotic, even persecution that happens in public transportations like public bus.

Many civil people complain for this uncomfortable thing in public transportations. And this case should become the homework for the government and the public transportation company to solve this problem. Moreover, lack of the security forces or the police role is one of the many factors of the criminal acts in public transportation.

Sometimes, when the criminal action is happening, the police or the security guard is not ready to give a help to the people. And there are few of the police or the security guard being a backup for the criminals. That’s kind a pity condition in here.

A public transportation in our country it’s very different with other country. A tourist from Belgium said that the transportation in Malaysia has already developed rapidly after he left the country 2 years ago. And a public transportation in Europe countries is very modern, there are subway and others.

Try to compare the facilities of the public transportations in our country with the modern country. The construction of the new public transportation like monorails in our country sometimes being stuck for years and never continue.

It’s very comfortable if we have a public transportations with an adequate facility start with the service and total of the armada.

So what is the solution?

Is the government must be blamed for the public transportation condition or the police should we re-revised as a civil people protector?

If we see the problems about the public transportations in our country, all the unsure or the elements in this country should involved together we solve this problem and take the role in a public development, especially the public transportations.

Don’t forget to always be careful when we take the public transportations, don’t dress flashy, don’t wear any attractive accessories, don’t look scared, and beware of the people surrounding. Well, maybe we should learn martial to protect our self. Better safe than sorry.

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