Quality Time with Family

June 6, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.

Quality Time with FamilyMaybe you’re kind of a busy person who can’t spare your little time with family, you keep working until you forget about spending quality time with family or you prefer to work rather than have a little family time because you are not too close with your sister, brother, or even your father and your mother.

You know quality time with Family is really important.

Well, please reconsider it because hang out with family is the irreplaceable moment ever. Beside, having a quality time with your family makes you know them better than ever. So, just think about it, what will you do to have a family time?

Take a little trip with your family, if you don’t want to go too far, just in the city but you have a quality time there. Maybe, go to the coffee shop together, talk, and joking.

You can listen to your father story maybe because you haven’t seen him for a long time, so you must be miss everything. Because, just in the relax time your family will open for tell you anything. Or you can go to play bowling, take the game with your family maybe playing DDR, or scrabble while enjoy your family’s favorite snacks. It would be fun!

Quality Time with Family

If you like exercise and sports, maybe you can ask your family to go to gym together, jogging surrounding your house, or swimming together. By doing this, you can keep your family’s health and you will know your father’s disease for this time and stay healthy together. You take care and give attention each other.

Beside that, maybe you want try another traditional vacation with your family like picnic! Go to the park outside the city, cook your favorite meal, and bring it to picnic, enjoy the sun and playing with your niece or nephew. Get to know them better.

Why picnic? Because, this is the best part to far away from home, and your family members will away from their iPad, iPhone, PlayStation, internet, and TV. So no one’s busy with themselves.

Maybe you can accompany your mother or your sister/brother to go shopping in the market. This way will make you close with your family too, so you will know your mother’s favorite perfume, your sister’s favorite brand, your father’s favorite food, and others.

After tired of shopping, you can ask your family to lunch together! Lunch in your family’s favorite restaurant, remember your childhood moment when your father always takes you to the little restaurant in 1970’s maybe. That’s one of quality time for our family.

For the last, if you want a little formal, you can ask your big family to have an official dinner in a romantic restaurant near the beach. So, I think the romantic moment is not when you with your lover, but with your family too. You can wear a dress or for the men wears suit.

Eat in a quite restaurant or you reserved first a special room for family, so you will get the moment when you and your family eat together and talk.

So, I hope my advice above is pretty helpful for you all. I think, that’s worth to try.  You need to pay attention for making a quality time with family. Spending time with your family before it’s too late. Because age isn’t forever.

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