Ramen Ranjang 69 The Most Important Meal of The Day

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On the last week, when the rainy day I went to Ramen Ranjang 69, Jakarta is not cool at this time, the weather can change so fast. Sometimes in the morning we can see sunrise but there is no guarantee we can walk around in mid of day without bring an umbrella. I mean much better for you to bring umbrella or raincoat in this month until we reach a summer and enjoy vanilla ice cream in the sunny day xoxo or you will wake up with feeling sore.

The worst thing in your life is when you are sick. You can’t eat anything like candy, ice cream, burger, fries, pizza or anything. (I know junk food is not good for our health, I try to do my diet program haha). Very importance for us to keep our body healthy with consume vitamin and foods that can make our body temperature still warm.

Ramen Ranjang 69 for your reference

By the way, talk about food. I know all of you are familiar with this kind of food. Want to make a game? Guess what!! This food made by flour, eggs and very spices. Can anyone guess what the kind of that food? I guess all of you know this. Yes Ramen. All of you think if Ramen came from Japan, right? But based on information I mean the accurate information. Ramen came from China, the exact place is Lan Cao.

At that time at 1910 a Chinese chef make 1 of menu at Rairanka Restaurant Tokyo and everyone loves Ramen. Same like Japan, as Indonesian I love ramen too I thought not only me, everybody like ramen. Ramen soup is very strong enough and mostly this food as our list when the weather is very cold.

Ramen Ranjang 69 evangelis visitor

In Jakarta itself, there are so many restaurants that providing ramen. One of restaurant is Ramen Ranjang 69 . It is located at Jalan Margonda Raya Beiji Depok, East Java. It’s closer enough from Jakarta. And it takes 10 – 15 minutes from Universitas Indonesia and Universtitas Gunadarma.

So the location is strategic and you don’t have to worry about parking area because it has a lot of space for parking and of course you will find the security to take care your car or motorcycle.

I swear to God if the price for 1 bowl of ramen is not more than 20 thousand rupiah. It’s cheaper than you order a Ramen in the mall. Besides, there are so many options for beverage like milk shake, coffee, jus but the waiters was whispering me if the top of the beverages are Virgin Mojito, Red Mojito.

Because I trust the waiters so I was choose Virgin Mojito seems like you drink soda with lemon and it’s very fresh I think it’s good combination beside spicy ramen with fresh water.

Kuroi soba Ranjang 69 and virgin mujito

The Ramen itself a.k.a Ramen Ranjang 69 is not bad for 20 thousand rupiah, because I can still find half of poached egg with beef and meatball and watch out with the level of spicy. Be a wise person when you choose it or you will feel like what I feel. I felt like the volcano ready to explode the lava in my mouth.

About the place, I think the owner loves art so much. The place is very cozy. You will find there are so many pictures at the wall and gravity honestly I will never be bored to sit for hours in this café.

Second floor of Ranjang 69

Second floor of Ranjang 69

It is so me I mean not easy to find a place to hang out with your friends which is representing your young soul. Seriously I don’t mean to talk too much but this is what I feel.  So, If you are very curious about the place i mean Ramen Ranjang 69 , Please have a look some photos above, that could be referred you to visit there.

I took it when I enjoyed my dinner at the Ramen Ranjang 69 café. Sorry for my bad resolution but I promise for the next photo will be better.

Ramen Ranjang 69
“Ramen the most important meal of the day”

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