7 Wrong Positions to Read: Beauty and Healthy Eyes

July 24, 2012 | By Devina Janice | Filed in: Blogging.
Read Carefully to Beauty and Healthy Eyes

Read Carefully to Beauty and Healthy Eyes

Read Carefully to Beauty and Healthy Eyes: Our eyes are the best gift that God has ever given us, so we should protect it and keep our eyes to stay healthy.

Imagine if you have got your eyes injured or a little damage because of some factors like you always watch the drama in 30cm from the TV or you always playing with the computer for hours.

Because of the factors, you cannot see anything clearly again because you have got minus in your eyes, so you should wear glasses to help your seeing.

Speaking of factors of the people who wear glasses, most of the people wearing glasses not because they always watch TV or playing computer in hours, it’s because they read a book in wrong positions.

That is why the professors and clever teachers in your campus wear glasses, maybe that’s because their wrong position when read a book.

Read Carefully to Beauty and Healthy Eyes

So, here are the types of wrong positions when you read a book:

  1. Hunchbacked sit. You always use this position when you study, I know it’s a comfort type of sit to study, but it will make your eyes tired and change you to be a hunchback men.
  2. Read while you lay in your bed. This kind of reading position is big NO to do. I know the position is very comfortable and if you are getting sleepy you can just sleep, but you don’t realize if you read a book by this position, the light from the lamp in your room to your eyes is obstructed. This position will make your eyes heavier and tired.
  3. Normally, when we read a book, the distant from our eyes to the book min. 30cm. But sometimes, for the people who already dissolved and curious to the story in a book, they automatically make the distant between the book and the eyes closer. This is so wrong. It will make your eyes bulging and cause myopic.
  4. Read in the darkness. If you read a book in the darkness, it absolutely will make your eyes hurt. The less of light make your eyes urge to clear the seeing. If you keep your eyes to read in the darkness, you cannot see things clearly in long distance. What’s the benefit of reading in the darkness by the way?

healthy eyes

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So, in order to taking care of your eyes, you should spare a time for your eyes to not watch TV, playing computer, reading, give it a rest and close your eyes for a couple minutes.

Beside that, you should have enough time to sleep. Less sleep will make your eyes not too fresh and it will make your eyes look like Dracula’s which I mean the eyes pouch. The eyes pouch is consist of fat net and water, so that’s why you need to drink 8 glasses a day.

Consume a healthy food is also important to your eyes like vitamin A in carrot, broccoli, or other green vegetables that will make your eyes healthy. Check your eyes periodically to the doctor maybe every 6 months.

Keep away from smoking room and have enough rest. So, our eyes are very important, and we need to keep it healthy and beauty.

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