Recognize The Symptoms of Autism

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Recognize The Symptoms of Autism

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Recognize The Symptoms of Autism is out title Today: Sometimes, the parents with a child did not notice if their child is autism or not.

So, the parents should respond any weird things that happen in their child’s attitude and tell the things to the professional like doctor, pediatrician, psychiatrist, and psychologist if there any peculiarities in children.
The parents should tell the doctor if there any peculiarities like these: [The Symptoms of Autism]
  1. The children are late to talk.
  2. They won’t look when someone called them.
  3. Can’t play with their friends.
  4. Talk using a different language that we don’t understand.
  5. The child is so hyperactive.
  6. The children don’t want to see our face when they talk to us.
  7. They do flapping.
  8. They will pull their hair repeatedly.
  9. They bite their own fingers.
  10. They spin the body repeatedly.
  11. Do the same activities in a long time and repeatedly.
  12. If they want something so badly, they will scream and angry. They will roll their body on the floor, or banging their head to the wall until they get what they want.

Recognize The Symptoms of Autism

Those symptoms of autism above could help us to recognize the possibility if our children are autism or not. Autism is an abnormality of growing that included to the category called Pervasive Development Disorder. Any disorders that can be found in autism children are verbal-non verbal communicating disorder, social interaction disorder, attitude and playing disorder, emotion disorder, sensory perception disorder.

Verbal-non verbal communicating disorder can be like the children late to talk or they cannot talk, talk using a different language that we do not understand, they don’t understand and they will not speak expressively, they will not speak to communicate with other people, they will imitate something like sing, talk like a robot, their expression are flat.

Social disorder can be like the children refuse to look us face to face, they will not answer if we called them, they are not seem happy and refuse if we hug them, they will not communicating with other people, if they want something they will pull someone near them and expect it to do something for them, if we want to play with them they will go away alone, never share the happiness with other people.

Attitude and playing disorder, in this disorder they seem like don’t understand how to play something. They will play monotonously and stereotyped. If they happy with one game then they will not play the other game.

Emotion disorder, the children are careless and empathy-less. If they see the other child crying, they don’t feel sorry but they feel annoying, and maybe they will come to the crying child and hit that child. Sometimes, they always laugh, crying, angry without a reason. They also temper tantrum, especially when they cannot get what they want. They can be so aggressive and destructive.

Sensory perception disorder, sometimes the children lick or smell every object in front of them, if they hear a loud noise they will cover their ears. They don’t like any palpation or hug.

Those are any kind of Autism symptoms. For the parents, please notice any kind of symptoms that possibly appear in your child’s attitude, and then consult with a pediatrician.

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