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In the end of 2008 I already informed you about the Bluetooth type approval guide. Now I’m going to inform you how to get type approval certificate for RFID equipment or let say the RFID Type Approval Guide in Indonesia. Make sure that your equipment is match with the Indonesian Regulatory authority in RFID Categories. Please study the specifications below to help my team work for obtaining in type approval certificate and get approved in Indonesia.

Applicable Standards in Indonesia

RFID approval test will be based on national standard: KEPDIRJEN No.214/DIRJEN/2005 for RFID operation in 13.56 MHz, with the key parameters are as follows:KEPDIRJEN No.214_DIRJEN_2005 for RFID image

  • Radiated Emission Limits
  • Error Frequency shall be below 50 KHz
  • The Transmission power shall be below 10mW (ERP)

Another kind of RFID approval test will be based on national standar: KEPDIRJEN No.221/DIRJEN/2007 for RFID Operated in 923 – 925 MHz, with the key parameters as follows:KEPDIRJEN No.221_DIRJEN_2007 for RFID image

  • Radiated Emmision Limits
  • Tag utilized shall be passive tags
  • Total bandwidth utilization shall be 2 MHz with maximum hopping channel 500 KHz
  • The transmission power shall be below 2000mW (ERP)
  • Modulation technique: Frequency Hopping Spred Spectrum (FHSS)
  • Transmitter antenna shall be embedded with +/- 6 dBi, 5 Omega
  • Error Frequency: +/-20 ppm from center frequency
  • Communication ports:UART, RS-232, RS-485, USB, Serial, Parallel, LAN, WLAN, WAN
  • Receiver Sensitivity: max 28dBµV/m or -96dBm, with impedance input 50 Omega

Finally if you are going to use  our services regarding to obtain for type approval Indonesia, please prepare these certain documents

  1. Copy of agency, sole agent or distributor agreement from manufacturer (For sole agent or distributor only)
  2. Power of Attorney
  3. Form PM.4
  4. Form PM.5
  5. Technical specification
  6. Operational manual
  7. Foreign test report (optional)
  8. Required 2 units sample.

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Note: We ware updated on September 22, 2015, the approval testing standard in SDPPI laboratory on this article

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