Sample Pre-test in SDPPI Lab

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Sample Pre-test in SDPPI Lab is one of additional steps to issued official letter of test cost.
Sample Pre-test in SDPPI Lab
Based on official letter No. 1059/BBPPT.31/SP.04.06/9/2015, In order to improve the testing service and support of the testing completion, now SDPPI laboratory will assist for the samples pre-test which will be submitted, as we have known for the previous process, we have to pay the testing cost in advance before submit the sample to the test house, but now they will assist us to pre-test the sample on their side when we are going to issue SP2 ( testing payment notice letter ).

We can pay the testing cost after the  pre-test already passed, after that we can submit samples to SDPPI lab for the queue for the real testing process.

For your reference, here is the official letter of the notification from SDPPI lab.

Sample Pre-test in SDPPI Lab

Download (PDF, 302KB)

We though it will affect to approval process in Indonesia because of some reason.

We knew KAN (Komite Akreditasi Nasional) also required an additional test item. Requirement from KAN as below:

  • KAN is requesting SDPPI Lab to do the test like:
    Recapitulation of the result on the spectrum analyzer will be done 3 times.
  • Each time has a gap in 1 minute after the spectrum analyzer is reset, every protocol of the a/b/g/n element will be recapped as well.

So, testing process would be delayed in the lab

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