Scholarships Abroad: We can Make it Real

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Do you want scholarships abroad? There are so many great universities in the world like Harvard University in United States, Oxford University in United Kingdom, Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, Monash University in Australia and others.

Those universities attract us to continue our study in there because it will enrich our knowledge, not only because we have to learn about the language and the colloquial in that country, but we also have to learn about something new like lifestyle, tradition, and also our responsibility to take care our self in foreign, far away from our homeland.

Scholarships Abroad: We can Make it Real

Scholarships Abroad

It is not impossible to get the scholarship if we qualified the basic requirements. Going abroad for college is not just only in our dream, we can make it real. America isn’t that far if we have a ‘super duper’ effort to get there.

Here are some tips for you guys who wants to get a scholarship to foreign universities.”Scholarships Abroad”

For the very first step we have to qualify the very basic requirement.

The first one is about academic achievement. For the college student, your cumulative grade point or IPK (Indeks Prestasi Kumulatif) must be 2, 75 for the very minimal point until 4, 00 for the perfect point.

Beside your cumulative grade point is one of the consideration, your achievement in any kind of academic activity maybe scientific competition and stuff can convince your main assessment.

The second one is about your participation in campus organization. Usually, your participation in some organization in campus can be very important to the appraisal.

Because, the scholarships organizer not only looking for the student who got very perfect score but they can’t socialized with other people, they want a student with some organization experience in a campus life, so they expected the student have a skill in organized something.

The third one is the very most important thing if you want to study abroad, your foreign language ability. That is no way you can go abroad to live and study in other country if you couldn’t speak English as an international language and also the foreign language of your destination country. If you want to focus on design mayor in France, you should speak like a mademoiselle (just an analogy).

Join a course from now on, learning grammar and taking TOEFL test (550 for a standard point), speak English with other people until you can speak fluently, don’t feel shame of yourself if you do some mistakes when you speak. We made mistake because we are learning. Practice makes everything’s perfect.

The forth one, you are available. It means you are absolutely not taking more than one scholarships from the other institutions. You have to choose one. But, that is not impossible too to get more than one scholarship if the one of the institutions of the scholarship that you have got is fine with it.

And the last one, you have to get a strong recommendation from the lecturer in your campus. State that you are very extremely recommended for study abroad.

Don’t lose your spirit to reach your dream, you can do it, you can qualify all the basic requirements if you have a strong will and efforts. Just try and try, if you fail then you have to try harder. Nothing is vain.

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