6 Special Social Networks that You Must Know

January 31, 2012 | By Arif N | Filed in: Blogging.

6 Special Social Networks. This is the era of social networking. Since my first experience with Friendster, couple years ago, there are a lot of social networking sites that being established.

Building and maintaining social networking is though, there are many sites that already changed or went bankrupt because the members were moving to another better social sites.  Some people move to another direction, by creating special social networks that don’t need compete with larger social networks such as Facebook or Twitter.

They created special purpose social networks and make it easy to register using larger social networks accounts. Here are some of these social networks that maybe could get you interested in it.

6 Special Social Networks that You Must Know

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn focuses it social networks as a place for professionals to exchange ideas, information, and opportunities. In LinkedIn, we could create our own curriculum vitae and join a lot of discussion groups. We could also ask for recommendations or give recommendations to people who are connected to us.

We could choose to connect to professionals with their unique knowledge and backgrounds. In the discussion groups, we could ask to the members (usually an expert) and share opinions about our works.

Well, if we do well, we could be scouted by professionals and then get hired to their company. It’s cool, right? In November 2011, LinkedIn reported that they already have more than 135 millions registered users from 200 countries.

2. Goodreads

6 Special Social Networks that You Must KnowGoodreads is a social networks focuses on book readers and recommendations. You see, there are a lot of people who like to read. Goodreads helps them to gather and share information and recommendations about books.

In this site, we can gained friends by connecting to another readers from around the worlds. We could also track our books that we already read, currently read, and want to read. Goodreads make it easy to keep our reading records to our own bookshelves.

We can give ratings and recommendations to our books in our bookshelves. We can also follow and correspondence with popular book authors that have account there. Goodreads reported that it has more than 6,9 millions users with 240 millions books registered to bookshelves.

3. Formspring

Formspring is maybe just for fun social networks. In Formspring we can ask question to our friend in order to know more about them. The question giver didn’t need to have an account to ask a question or two. The choice of answering the question or not is their own choice though.

Although its simplicity, it’s fun. Formspring also could be collaborated to another websites to handle if someone want to ask to us. Formspring reported that it has created about 3 billions responses from over 24 millions accounts.

4. SixReps

sixreps image

SixReps is a social networking sites dedicated to fitness enthusiasts. Besides its standards social networking features, SixReps has a list of selected fitness center and workout guides. In SixReps, we can log our training and track our progress  to our milestones.

SixReps also has special features called “passport” that can be printed out as membership cards for some benefits. SixReps is founded in 2010 and based in Jakarta, Indonesia.

5. Quora

Quora helps us connect to topic of our interests. In Quora, we can follow topics, questions, people, and information that we want to know about. Wondering about something? You can ask in Quora too.

Quora makes it easy to ask any information that we want to know to people who has knowledge in it. Besides that, we can also post our interest on our own board, or we can just follow other people’s board.

6. Livemocha

Do you want to learn another language? Livemocha make it easy for you to learn foreign language with its social networks services. After we registered an account in Livemocha, we can choose various courses from 35 languages in the world.

The courses consists of writing, reading, and listening to help us improve our language skills. We can also contacts another person who are native speakers for language that we want to learn. Besides learning, we can also help other people who want to learn our language.

We can create courses and earn points to indicate our contributions to the community. You want to learn language in a fun way, you must try Livemocha


Yes, there are a lot more social networks that haven’t mentioned here. The key point is using social networks is not always a bad thing.

We could gained something using social networks if we do it in the right way. Last of all, we must also keep caution on what we shared in social networking sites.


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