Sjamsudin Noor’s History

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Sjamsudin NoorSjamsudin Noor’s History: Indonesian National Army-Air Force (TNI-AU) is part of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, led by the Chief of Staff of the Air Force abbreviated KASAU which is currently held by Marshal Imam Sufaat. Currently the Air Force has two operational command the Air Force Operations Command I (Koops AU I), based in Halim Perdanakusumah Jakarta Operations Command and Air Force II (Koops AU II) based in Makassar.

While the area of South Kalimantan in the top Koop AU II, based in Makassar. EARLY EARLY HISTORY OF CARBON Badr AIR Who does not know Syamsuddin Noor Airport we now know it ..! formerly referred to as the Air Base Ulin Banjarmasin which is an air base located in South Kalimantan.

At the beginning of its development has involved the implementation coloring struggle in order to seize and maintain the independence of the Republic of Indonesia. Ulin Banjarmasin Air Base was originally built by the Japanese occupation government in 1944 and located on the south road A. Yani Km 25 Platform Ulin Banjarbaru. Precisely at the coordinates 03 270 S 114 450 E, and at that time only had size runway 2220 meters long and 45 meters wide.

The end of the Japanese occupation of the Dutch attack on the issue marked increases so that made Japanese airport devastated at boombardir destroyed by the allies, and in 1948 the foundation was under renovations by the Dutch government (NICA) with hardening airfields with thick stone foundation 10 cm.

After a long time in the life of the Dutch fleet in retrofitting air eventually on 1961 Holland Fall into the hands of Indonesia’s proven While the Netherlands and the World International recognition to the sovereignty RIS (United Republic of Indonesia), airfield management Ulin then carried out by the Local Government / Public Works Department, and the Government of Indonesia (particularly the Department of Defense in this case the TNI Air Force), and eventually was transferred entirely to the management of the Ministry of Transportation Bureau of Civil Aviation.

During the construction of the independence in 1974 the runway was able to accommodate the aircraft types Fokker F-28, and in 1977 opened a new runway is located approximately 80 meters north of the runway of the old with the ability of DC-9 is limited.

MISCELLANEOUS AIR BASE NAME BEING ULIN AIR BASE Shamsuddin NOOR Role Airbase Ulin Banjarmasin is pretty much in support of operations, both air operations and ground operations, of course with the Air Base gait has brought fragrance to the area of South Kalimantan, but the scent was not complete when a series of National Hero Son South Kalimantan is not enshrined as list the name of the hero through a street name, unit insignia, name of the building or other public facilities.

To look back on the services of the National Hero from South Kalimantan, the Local Government through the Regional Representatives Council South Kalimantan suggested Airbase Ulin Banjarmasin can be replaced with the name of the Son of the National Hero of origin South Kalimantan.

A list of names both from the National Hero Military and civilian began proposed, originally proposed to change the name of Airbase Airbase Ulin Banjarmasin with Supadio remember Supadio Air Commodore Air Region Command Commander is the first Kalimantan Provincial Government of South Kalimantan, but not signed, then the proposed re-name a lot of native people contributed to enforce the country such as Prince Antasari and Sjamsudin Noor.

From the second the name of National Heroes began debatable, given the name of the unit will be an element of the flight, then to look back on a lot of merit in upholding and advancing the national airline where devotion and selfless sacrifice of the late Lieutenant Air One Posthumous Sjamsudin Noor, the head of Banjarmasin Air Base when it proposed the use of the name Noor Sjamsudin who had been killed in the country to fulfill the task, it should be a role model example for all of Indonesia and the son of Air Force in particular.

The sacrifices and services Sjamsudin posthumously Lieutenant Air One Air Base Noor then led Ulin Banjarmasin Sjamsudin Noor suggested the name as a replacement name Airbase Ulin Banjarmasin. After careful consideration and discussion between leaders Airbase Ulin Banjarmasin in South Kalimantan Regional Government, having reached an agreement with the local government as stipulated in the southern Kalimantan Decree DPR South Kalimantan No. 4 / Parliament / KPT / 1970 Date January 13, 1970 on Change of Name Airfield Airfield Ulin be Sjamsudin Noor, it was proposed by Ulin Banjarmasin Air Base to Air Force leaders in Jakarta to rename Air Base Ulin Banjarmasin, a Noor Sjamsudin Air Base, then by virtue of the Chief of Staff of the Air Force’s decision No 29 Date 21 March 1970 Airbase Ulin Banjarmasin name officially changed the name Noor Sjamsudin Air Base, entered into force on April 9, 1970.

With such a rapid growth in 1975, it has been determined that Ulin Banjarmasin air base as a civilian airfield controlled entirely by the Department of Transportation through a joint decree of the Minister of Defense and Security / Commander of the Armed Forces of the Republic of Indonesia, the Minister of Communications and Minister of Finance of the Republic of Indonesia Number: Kep / 30 / IX / 1975, No. KM / 598/5 / Phb-75 and No. Kep. 927.a / MK / IV / 8/1975.

NOOR SYAMSUDIN AIRPORT IN THE ERA OF NOW At present diera Syamsudin Noor Airport has been able in darati by such wide-bodied commercial aircraft types boing 747, so the development of future Syamsudin Noor Airport will be increased to International airport on Mass Syahriel Darham Government.

The specifications Syamsudin Noor airport you can see in the link below: Specifications Syamsudin Noor Airport EVENTS PRIDES Air Force SYAMSUDIN NOOR AND AIRPORTS IN THE ERA NOW – Aircraft Sukhoi – Besides having a long history, Syamsudin Noor Airport also recorded the historic event the period 2000 – 2008 the Air Force South Kalimantan helped smooth homecoming of Banjarmasin area towards goal by preparing 10 Hercules aircraft in anticipation of homecoming ahead of Idul Fitri 1428 H .

Additionally Syamsudin Noor Airport also been used in combat training at the Marine Pelaihari Tanah South Kalimantan in 2007 to enroll four new aircraft Sukhoi Indonesia, and 5 aircraft types hawk also be prepared to take part in the combat exercise. Hawk Fighter Besides Syamsudin Noor Airport is equipped with the facility of air-to-ground firing ground (Air Weapon Range / AWR) for fighter planes, AWR South Kalimantan is located in the district with the name Mauluka Baulin Palaihari now called AWR Dwi harmono.

AWR is precisely located in the Maluka Baulin Kurau District Tanah South Kalimantan Sea which is about 60 Km from Lanud Sjamsudin Noor with a land area of 996 ha. In Position 114ŗ 39 ’09 “E, 03ŗ 41′ 44” S / 17 NM from BDM – VOR Radial 208ŗ elevation 64 feet. This exercise will be held in shooting from the air to the ground like Target Bombing and Strafing Target parallel to the main runway.


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