Some Tips in Small Housing Organization

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Some Tips in Small Housing OrganizationToday, as the raising price of land ownership, having such a large space in city is quite difficult for most people. Not only in city, people in the countryside seems to find the same problem too. So realize it or not, this thing affects on the kind of housing they’ve built. Instead of making big house with all facilities inside, they prefer to choose small-sized housing, or usually called “minimalist concept”. Even if this small housing has no large space, but it expected to be able to fulfill the owner’s needs.

Making this small housing able to fulfill the entire owner’s needs is quite challenging. We are faced with the fact that the small space can’t contain all of the stuff we want easily. Indeed, it’s a little bit tricky, but it doesn’t mean impossible. If we know the tricks, everything will be easy and your minimalist housing will fulfill your needs perfectly. So, if you are facing this problem and about to find its way out, here is some tips that can be followed in solving it.

Small Housing Organization Tips

1. Play with Storage

Storage could be the important part of the house. Here is the place where you store your stuffs, so when you have more stuff, it means that you need more storage. And this is when the problem comes. You don’t have enough space for your storage to be fitted in your small housing. So, you have to be picky in choosing what kind of storage you’re about to buy.

Here, we recommend you to buy vertical storage. With this kind of storage, you could save more space in your small housing. Even if you need more effort to reach your stuff, but this is okay when it meets the fact that your small housing couldn’t contain the horizontal ones. In addition, it will also give more modern look into your house.

2. Be Picky with Furniture

House without furniture is empty, but too much of it is crowded. Therefore, you really have to be wise in choosing furniture. Buy the ones that you really need. And if it possible, choose the ones that have elegantly simple design with not too many details. About the color, neutral colors are really recommended to give larger illusion toward the room.

Moreover, if you want to save more space, foldable furniture such as chair and table will be the best choice too. When you have many visitors, you can fold the furniture to give more space. In addition, furniture that has storage in it is highly recommended for your small housing. It will have double functions as both storage and furniture. And about the placement, placing your furniture in every corners of the room will create larger illusion in the middle of it.

3. Colors Combination

Having small housing doesn’t mean that you have to shy with colors. The trend of using neutral color for small space is fading now. Instead, you can be braver in coloring your house. Be bold is the best way in giving statement into your living place. You can choose whatever colors you want, as long as you make it match with other aspects such as the furniture, ceiling, and curtain.

Moreover, the right color combination will make your house looks larger too. Further, if you want another alternative, you can use wallpaper to give accentuate to the room. Giving zones separation is also a good choice too. You can decide which part of the house should be darker, warmer, or brighter.

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4. Use Mirror

Mirror will be the best way to give larger illusion toward your small housing. Further, it could be nice decoration too. What can we take from mirror as room decoration is that it will give your room elegant and modern appearances. You can either choose big borderless mirror to give elegant and futuristic look, or small bordered ones with some details which looks classic and warm.

Those are the tips that you can apply in your small housing. By applying them, small space will no longer be a problem anymore. And one thing, having small housing and double function stuffs inside it will be much more economical than the larger one. In addition, small housing is easier to be maintained too. Hope you can live peacefully in your small cozy space. And after all, it’s definitely going to make you feel homesick all the way.

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